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Plan International is a child- centred organisation working in 50 developing countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas. We focus on child rights, implementing programmes designed to enable communities to improve the lives of the most marginalised children by working with women, youth and civil society organisations.

Plan International UK has a strong corporate partnerships team and currently works in partnership with 16 companies and organisations. As part of our private sector engagement work, Plan has recently secured a new partnership with Unilever.

The one year partnership began in January 2017. Managed through the UK office but implemented in India, the project is trialling value-add of introducing the School of Five (So5) WASH methodology in Plan India’s programming.

The project is run by a consortium of partners; Plan International UK, Plan India, Lifebuoy soap (Unilever’s subsidiary based in India) and Unilever.

The consultant will support Plan International UK in the early development stages of the project, providing technical advice and guidance.  Particularly key is the correct establishment of reporting and monitoring processes that will be essential in assessing the impact of the project as project close.

The consultant will develop, in collaboration with Plan International UK and Plan India, a technically sound logframe and results framework, as well as a feedback/ reporting mechanism, allowing Plan International UK to easily assess and monitor results and impact throughout the project lifecycle and at project close.

The consultant would need to work for 2 months in total to carry out the following activities:

  1. Workshop and Preliminary Planning

Prepare for, facilitate and document a one week workshop in March with Unilever, Lifebuoy, Plan India So5 team and Plan International UK.

The workshop and planning materials must include:

Preparatory materials to develop before the workshop

  • A detailed review on school entry, sustainability and management issues
  • Develop two risk assessments for both the programme and the consortium approach. 

The workshop

  • Support  Unilever and Plan India to carry out a review of their existing school WASH approaches
  • Facilitate a three day workshop for the project.
  • Day One: Looking at the points of integration between the two approaches: how to work through partners; training and supervising quality of approaches; sequencing of So5 v WASH in Schools; hardware and software decisions in the schools
  • Day Two: facilitate finalising the monitoring, evaluation and learning framework and plan. Discuss the preliminary work with the consortium on:
  • School entry, sustainability and management issues with the consortium.
  • Detailed implementation planning for the schools, considering the school year
  • The two risk assessments for both the programme and the consortium approach. 
  • Support a 1 day detailed training on School of 5 for Plan staff (led by Unilever)
  • Carry out a 2 week visit in the middle of the project to help Plan India and implementation partners identify, analyse and rectify problems (where possible)
  • Carry out a final workshop (in December 2017) to bring together Unilever India, Plan India and implementation partners to review how the 1 year pilot has worked.  
    Write up this learning in a short 5 page report with added value of bringing these together, challenges of working together and unresolvable sticking points.
  1. Feedback mechanism

Develop and implement a robust feedback mechanism for the programme that can be used by everyone within the consortium. This falls under three categories.

  1. Provide technical advice and guidance on the log frame and results framework to ensure easy reporting through the project lifecycle and at year end. Train Plan India on this reporting process to ensure accurate recording.
  2. Review Plan India’s beneficiary number collection methods and provide advice on this application to the Unilever project, identifying capacity gaps and providing solutions where needed.
  3. Provide a reporting mechanism for all members of the consortium that accurately captures the learnings of the project, capturing the quantitative data from the project.

 What we’re looking for

You will have significant experience in WASH programming, preferably in India or similar setting, and will have excellent facilitation skills in participatory approaches.

Knowledge and experience of monitoring and evaluation mechanisms will be

Consultant specification


  • At least 5-8 years  WASH programme management and M&E experience         
  • Excellent facilitation skills in participatory approaches
  • Understanding of the Indian school sector (desirable: the school WASH sector)
  • The skills and experience of identifying and capturing learning
  • Ability to develop research questions
  • Strategic thinker
  • Experience working with the private and NGO sectors



Given the tight time scale, please register expressions of interest with a CV, cover letter and financial proposal by 11.00am (UK Time) Monday 13th February to [email protected]. Please indicate in the subject of the email “Plan International UK – WASH Programme Consultant”. Please include travel costings in your proposal.

Applications will be reviewed as they are received by Plan International UK and the position may therefore be filled before the deadline. We strongly encourage early applications to give applicants the best chance of selection.

Given the scope of the work it is expected that consultancy will be approximately 30-40 working days (to be revised according to deadline established and needs identified) distributed between February, March, August and December 2017. N.B: different contracts will be issued for the separate dates.



The assignment needs to be carried out over February and March 2017.

The expected start date of the assignment is mid-Feb 2017 and will be TBC with an exact date after selection.

Deliverables are ideally expected in the following timeline:

  • Contract signed: 40% payment
  • 15th Feb- 05th March 2017– Supporting docs for project start-up workshop.  Work on the reporting mechanism, logframe, results framework, detailed implementation plans and review of beneficiary recordings.
  • 06th-8th March 2017- Start-up workshop in Delhi with consortium partners. Provide workshop report with final tools for the project. (The report will be a workshop report, implementation plan and the M&E documents).
  • August 2017- 20% of payment

Project visit, exact dates TBC by consultant and Plan International India. Critically asses the project implementation methodology, beneficiary numbers, and provide recommendations report for further project implementation. Payment received on receipt of report.

  • December 2017: 40% of payment

Exact dates TBA between Plan International and consultant. Facilitate a 3-day learning workshop. Critically assess the impact of the project with the consortium using the tools developed (logframe, results framework). Provide a learning document based on the learning workshop and project with feedback and recommendations for future programming using the same approaches.


The consultancy should deliver the following outputs:

  1. Project Start up workshop:  Facilitate and lead in cooperation with Plan International UK and prepare preparatory docs as listed above.
  2. Feedback/ reporting mechanism – create a tailor made feedback mechanism to Plan International UK.
  3. Consultancy report: which includes recommendations for implementation
  4. Project recommendations report – from project visit in August
  5. Learning document – from learning workshop in December, providing an assessment of the project and key recommendations for future projects using this method of implementation.


General tasks

  •  Meet with Plan International UK for initial meeting (can be remotely over Skype) to discuss and plan the workshop and activities.
  • Review project docs and provide overview and guidance on detailed implementation planning.
  • Review project docs and provide guidance on log frame and results framework.
  • Review school entry system, sustainability and management and feedback recommendations to Plan International UK and Plan India.
  • Develop risk assessment in partnership with Plan India and Plan International UK. 
  • Attend and facilitate the workshop in Delhi.
  • Work with Plan International UK and Plan India to review Plan India’s beneficiary number recording and provide recommendations.
  • Develop a feedback mechanism for the consortium.
  • Attend a project visit and critically assess the project in August 2017.
  • Provide a report with recommendations from the project visit.
  • Attend and facilitate the learning workshop in Delhi in December.
  • Provide a report with recommendations from the learning workshop.


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