Water Resources and Irrigation Specialist

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

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Objective and Purpose of the Assignment
Asian Development Bank (ADB) is recruiting a water resources and irrigation specialist to support 
project readiness and ensuing administration of ADB agriculture and natural resources management 
projects in Kyrgyz Republic. This will initially include the Landslide Risk Management Sector Project, 
due for Board consideration in June 2021. The project aims to reduce the vulnerability and exposure of 
infrastructure, community assets, livelihoods, and human life in the Kyrgyz Republic to landslide 
hazards. Project outputs are: (i) landslide mitigation engineering measures implemented; (ii) systems 
for on-site and national-level landslide monitoring improved; and (iii) capacity for landslide risk 
management strengthened.
Scope of Work
The consultant will provide the ADB team and executing agencies with necessary technical and project 
administration support to ensure project readiness, smooth startup, and ensuing efficient project 
administration of agriculture and natural resources management projects in Kyrgyz Republic.
Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output
1. Examine the existing reports, current situation, and issues that hinder project readiness and 
administration progress.
2. Provide recommendations to executing agencies to improve the readiness and administration progress 
and assist in activities to strengthen readiness and administration in line with TA objectives.
3. Provide support to executing agencies and ADB to review and improve necessary project administration 
4. Examine planning and design of planned project installations and subprojects and recommend 
improvements of bidding documents to introduce modern approaches and technologies.
5. Provide training to the executing agencies on (a) detailed design and procurement planning and bid 
document preparation, and (b) procurement and contract management.
6. Support ADB in consultation and meetings with the executing agency and other stakeholders.
7. As requested, assist the ADB team and executing agencies to address constraints that cause delays in 
the readiness and administration activities.
Minimum Qualification Requirements
The consultant must have at least a graduate degree, preferably post graduate degree, in civil 
engineering, water resources engineering, or other relevant subject, with minimum 15 years of 
professional experience including at least 10 years of experience in similar externally-funded projects 
in developing countries. Experience in ADB-financed projects is highly advantageous.
Minimum General Experience: 15 Years
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment): 10 Years