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Request for proposal  for hiring of a consultant firm for conducting Program Monitoring Visit (Borrower’s Household Survey)
Timeline: The deadline for submitting proposals is April 15, 2021.
Detailed RFP: “For detailed information, please check the complete version of the ToR attached below.”
Background & Context
Water.org plans to engage consultant firms with previous experience of working with microfinance institutions and NGOs to conduct household surveys in different phases and to monitor the field activities of the partners of Water.org in the area of water and sanitation microfinance.
Water.org empowers people to take actions and deliver solutions that accelerate progress and impact. The approach ranges from building and rehabilitating wells and toilets to pioneering market?based approaches such as WaterCredit. Its work is comprehensive and demand?driven – communities know what solutions will work best for them in the long?term – and rooted in local technologies and innovations. Water.org works in partnership with local non-governmental organizations and microfinance institutions to achieve its objectives. The monitoring visits will focus on reviewing the work done by these partners.
1) Scope of Work
The third-party monitoring firm will develop a sampling method and visit program sites to verify household WASH improvements via a mobile platform, m-Water, to assess program progress. The user satisfaction is also assessed by meeting with clients face-to-face and verifying information reported by the partner. This includes assessing partner services, status of WASH improvement and usage, and immediate impacts on quality of life. Client surveys also identifies risks, gender dynamics, concerns and best practices within the program implementation period.
Third party monitoring firm also need to collect best stories during their interaction with the beneficiaries and produce at-least two short case studies per partner.
Location and Types of data to be collected
Monitoring visits will take place in India, and borrower interviews will be conducted for eight different grants and 15 partners under different grants.
A wide variety of information will be collected on water and sanitation improvements through a mobile application. General points to be covered will include, but are not limited to the following verification activities:

Visit site of water and sanitation improvement;
Conduct client verification survey, which include observations of the water and sanitation improvement status and quality and client document (e.g., passbook in WaterCredit programs).
Provide photo documentation of household/community WASH improvement; and
Verify the accuracy of the partner reporting (WaterCredit Loan Report) against the client data collected in the field.
Water.org is expecting first round of the PMVs need to be conducted in the month of MAY/June’21 with an approximate sample size of 1724 households, second round in the month of Oct/Nov’21  with a sample size of 998 and third in April/May’22 with 382 sample size. For more details please go through Annexure 1.
2) Deliverables and Key Dates
Water.org anticipates that this assignment will be completed by 20 July 2021. Water.org understands that activities and timelines per activity may change accordingly with the Consultant’s proposal; however, an approximate expected key activities are as follows:
Gather relevant information from Water.org
Translation of the tool in the local language
Sample selection & Training of staff on mWater
Field visit
Final report and case study submission (at-least 2 case studies per intervention)

3) Budget
A sample budget template is hyperlinked. The Consultant shall provide budget information in the same format. All taxes should be included in the budget.  The Consultant shall be responsible for payment of all taxes. All amounts shall be presented in INR.  Budget notes are encouraged.  
The total budget for all the three phases should not exceed 46 Lakhs.  ((Attached is the Budget excel))
4) Submission of Proposals
Complete proposals should be emailed to Sabiha Mahboob (Insight & Innovations Specialist) at [email protected] , copy to Diwakar Das at [email protected] (Sr. Manager, Insights & Innovations).  Subject line must be “PMV for Non BOA partners”.