Kiribati nationals: Strengthening WASH Practices and Hygiene Behavioral Change in the Pacific

Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Position Type: 
Organization Type: 
International Organization
Experience Level: 
0-2 Years


Please note: this job post has expired! To the best of our knowledge, this job is no longer available and this page remains here for archival purposes only.

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment


The regional knowledge and support technical assistance (TA) will strengthen the capacity of Pacific
developing member countries (PDMCs) to prevent disease transmission through enhanced water, sanitation,
and hygiene (WASH) practices and strengthened associated enabling environment. The interventions will
directly address the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic by: (i) improving WASH practices through
behavioral change campaigns in households, communities, schools, markets, health care facilities,
transport hubs, and other public areas; and (ii) strengthening the capacity of WASH service providers
and other stakeholders so that WASH improvements are sustained.

ADB is recruiting a team of national consultants in several DMCs. In Kiribati, a National WASH officer
is being recruited to lead TA activities on the ground. An international WASH specialist (engaged
separately) will supervise the consultant in his/her activities and deliverables, in coordination with
the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Energy’s (MISE’s) Water and Sanitation Engineering Unit

Scope of Work


Government has requested that the TA support the enabling environment for improved WASH and COVID-19
resilience via strengthened WASH coordination, advocacy and knowledge management initiatives. This will
form the main scope of the consultant’s work. The consultant will also ensure his/her activities are
seamlessly integrated with existing ADB-supported initiatives (in particular the South Tarawa Water
Supply Project) and are effectively harmonized with several ongoing and planned WASH sector initiatives
in Kiribati.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output


Initial activities may involve reviewing and validating the rapid needs assessment (prepared by the TA’s
international WASH advisor) and its recommendations and key actions, and/or inputs to a WASH plan for
proposed TA activities in Kiribati. Following this initial phase, the consultant’s role will involve
supporting government and engaging with key sector agencies to implement proposed WASH activities, which
are expected to involve:

(i) Supporting information gathering, data collection and reporting related to the TA;
(ii) Ensure regular updating of the WASH 4Ws (who, what, where, when)
(iii) Supporting MISE to maintain regular communication with stakeholders regarding ongoing and planned
WASH sector initiatives, including planning and coordinating WASH stakeholder meetings and ensuring
activities by various partners are harmonized and aligned with Government’s vision for the sector,
including as it relates to COVID-19 resilience;
(iv) Through the National WASH Information Management System (akvorsr), supporting government to ensure
records and information regarding the sector are kept up-to-date, and supporting information requests
from government and partners as and when required;
(v) Supporting advocacy initiatives and events (e.g. for World Water Day, etc.) A budget will be
provided in the consultant’s contract for advocacy materials and communications;
(vi) Encourage active involvement and engagement of relevant health sector stakeholders in WASH
(vii) Drafting 1 or more knowledge products related to the WASH sector in Kiribati in coordination with
(viii) Supporting government in other WASH related activities as required;
(ix) Preparing monthly reports for submission to the international WASH advisor, ADB and government,
which will capture: (i) minutes of meeting with key stakeholders; (ii) data from any baseline WASH
surveys; (iii) details of any campaign activities; (iv) monitoring of indicators including but not
limited to those captured in the TA design & monitoring framework (DMF); (v) records of any purchase and
distribution of goods and/or advocacy materials through the TA; (vi) reports of any capacity building
programs conducted, and (vii) key challenges faced and recommended solution(s).
(x) Facilitate inputs from stakeholders on a draft WASH sector Terms of Reference and Strategic Plan
link to KDP and KV20.

The initial assignment includes 40 days of consultant inputs until end 2021. This may be increased
subject to satisfactory performance and depending on the direction and progress of WASH initiatives in-

Minimum Qualification Requirements


The consultant will have an educational background relevant to the assignment, and experience in
coordination, knowledge management, communications and/or development coordination.