India nationals: Community Empowerment Specialist

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

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Objective and Purpose of the Assignment
Consultancy support is required in providing community empowerment and entrepreneurship development 
around the community stationary and mobile toilet business. The government of Uttarakhand is planning to 
introduce mobile toilet buses as a pilot under the proposed loan for the proposed Uttarakhand Integrated 
Urban Development project (Phase 1) and plan to scale up mobile toilet buses under the Phase 2). the 
proposed consultants shall identify entrain potential community woman to be entrepreneur to operate this 
mobile toilet buses as well as possibility of running public toilet facilities.  

Scope of Work
The Consultant will be working closely with the social, poverty, gender focal staff at the project EA/IA 
as well as the social poverty and gender consultant working under the project processing. The consultant 
will be responsible to carry out the following tasks: (i) prepare an action plan on community woman 
trainings relevant to the mobile toilet bus entrepreneurship and business running, while Supporting the 
project EA/IA for the selection of community women; (ii) prepare a training material and a Business 
manual to operate mobile toilet buses and community public toilet facilities; (iii) design and carry out 
training activities for The selected community women; (iv) prepare an evaluation report. 

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output
The detailed tasks and/or expected output related to project processing are, but not limited to:
(i)	Includes collaboration and cooperation with the social and gender consultant, actively support the 
selection of community women for the planned pilot toilet bus operation; 
(ii)	Prepare an action plan which contain the criteria of community woman to be selected for the pilot 
test as well as future applicant who will be future entrepreneurs to run mobile toile and community 
public toilet business, which can also be expanded with other small-scale retailer shops; 
(iii)	Organize a community consultation with community woman to understand the need and to collect some 
idea of what types of retail shop can be cooperated in the mobile toilets and/or community public 
(iv)	develop a training plan how to educate community woman to be entrepreneurs to run mobile toilet and 
or community toilet facilities; 
(v)	Prepare a training material and a business manual, which can help potential community woman 
entrepreneurs to be successful in the mobile toilet/community public toilet operation as a side 
(vi)	Carry out a series of with training with community woman;
(vii)	prepare an evaluation report to capture the responses and results of community women training on 
(viii)	Present the results of the works to the government EA/IA as well as ADB; 
(ix)	Identify any vocational and skill training Institutes or education programs for continuous 
entrepreneurship training for community women in the project towns;
(x)	Upon identification of such vocational training programs or institutes operators, work closely with 
them and the project EA/IA for the possibility of formally developing a entrepreneurship training 
programs to empower community women in project town training; and
(xi)	Prepare a final report to record the progress of works. 

Minimum Qualification Requirements
The community empowerment consultant shall have (i) a bachelor's degree in social science, Business 
administration, Economics, Sociology, Gender and Development Studies or relevant social sciences, (ii) a 
minimum relevant professional experience of 7 years on community empowerment; (iii) excellent oral and 
written English communication skills. For a national consultant to qualify, he/she has to have the same 
nationality as the country of assignment. He/she must be technically competent to implement the assigned 
tasks. Familiar with gender issues in water and sanitation sector and should be conversant with 
national, state and ADB working regulations and policies.