Natural Resource Management and Disaster Risk Consultant


Pretoria, , ZA


  • Full time position
  • Location – ideally based in Pretoria; should be willing to travel for project purposes, across Africa and SADC in particular; however, other home-base locations may be considered.



  • At least a master’s degree or equivalent training or experience, in fields such as (but not specific to) Environmental/Climate Sciences, Environmental Engineering, Disaster Risk, Spatial sciences, Natural Resources.
  • 8 – 10 years’ consulting experience.
  • Self-motivated, self-driven, with the ability to work independently.
  • Experience in technical and strategic resource management, livelihoods vulnerability and resilience, and interventions strategy development, report writing, policy and institutional design.
  • Proven abilities to multi-task and lead complex projects across sectors, with experience in project planning and -preparation, project financial management, scheduling, reporting and presentation, and client as well as stakeholder relationship management and relationship building.
  • A good grasp of Institutional, Governance and Policy issues and advisory service in this regard.
  • Must be comfortable working in demanding situations, with an interest in enhancing sustainability and resilience and reducing vulnerability – at governance and community levels.
  • A deep understanding of the socio-cultural and gender issues when considering programme design and client interactions.
  • Ability to engage clients at a range of levels, including bureaucrats, politicians, communities, investment partners, donors etc.
  • Desire to engage in growing business opportunities in the development-focussed management consulting sector.
  • A demonstrable track-record of excellence and success in supporting project acquisition and compiling strong proposals/tenders, and delivering these projects in a financially sustainable manner.


  • Previous exposure to working across sectors in developing countries, particularly in Africa (especially outside of South Africa).
  • Established networks and exposure to dealing with governance bodies and funding agencies /international cooperation partnerships.
  • Exposure to multilateral development institutions, funding partners/agencies, and the African governance sector.
  • Experience in Monitoring and Evaluation processes, and tracking of programmes, outputs, outcomes and impacts.
  • Knowledge of Portuguese.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Conducting research, investigations, conducting surveys, and narrating the outcomes and findings in a concise manner.
  • Writing and compiling various reports, and project documentation.
  • Arranging and facilitating meetings, workshops, and events, and reporting on the proceedings/outcomes.
  • Strategizing within teams to design and develop innovative solutions and options to development and governance challenges.
  • Presenting to teams, role players and clients, details of findings and options or outcomes.
  • Bid development in response to client requirements and implementing resultant solutions.
  • Developing work plans and schedules and participating and leading teams to effectively implement these.


  • Commensurate with experience and qualifications. (CM ideally or strong EM)