Team Leader/Senior Water Supply & Sanitation Expert (WSS PPP Roadmap and Project Screening Methodology)

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

, , GE

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment
ADB (“Client”) has been supporting the Government of Georgia in the water supply and sanitation (“WSS”) 
sector for many years, which has contributed to the formulation of the sector’s much-needed reform 
agenda. In 2020, a sector development program was approved, which comprises of a policy-based loan 
(“PBL”) to support the government’s ongoing reforms of governance and institutions to strengthen the WSS 
sector’s performance and financial sustainability and a project loan to improve the operational 
efficiency of UWSCG and to enable the government to reach rural populations. 

The PBL component of the program build on previous sector reforms work and includes: (i) developing a 
single WSS policy covering urban and rural areas; (ii) improving the legal, regulatory, and 
institutional environment to sustain investments, and enable private sector participation (“PSP”) and 
public-private partnerships (“PPPs”); and (iii) strengthening the managerial, operational, technical, 
and financial capacity of key sector stakeholders. 

As part of the PBL, a team of experts have been hired by ADB to advise, develop, prepare, and assist 
implementation of corporate reforms and restructuring framework for 2020–2030 of the United Water Supply 
Company of Georgia LLC (“UWSCG”), one of the Republic of Georgia’s wastewater service providers. The 
general objective of that assignment is to empower UWSCG to be more autonomous, accountable, efficient, 
and sustainable. 

In relation to PSP involvement and PPPs, it was determined that a phased approach to engaging with the 
private sector can play a pivotal role in achieving our goal of providing sustainable quality 
improvements in the delivery of WSS services. In connection to this, ADB is also providing a grant 
technical assistance (“TA”) to be funded by the Asia Pacific Project Preparation Facility (“AP3F”) to 
help UWSCG prepare a PPP and PSP WSS strategy and roadmap and to help develop tools required for PPP/PSP 
projects selection and screening and increase technical, operational, and financial efficiencies for the 
sector in general and UWSCG in particular.

To support the PPP component of the PBL and to complement the work to be done by the PBL consultants, 
ADB is seeking the services of a Senior WSS Expert / Team Leader to lead the Scope of Work described 
below in connection with the development and implementation of the approved TA. A cooperation framework 
will need to be established between the various teams and consultants involved to avoid overlaps and 
maximize cooperation.

Scope of Work
The Senior WSS Expert/Team Leader will be the overall lead responsible for the delivery of the tasks 
enumerated below and lead the activities enclosed in asterisks below, in relation to the development of 
the PSP/PPP WSS roadmap and projects screening tool. S/he will work and coordinate with the WSS 
Specialist, Financial Specialist, and National Legal Expert to be hired under the approved TA. 

*A. UWSCG staff training
1. Present and explain various structures of private sector participation in the WSS sector globally
2. Present and explain best-practice project / PPP assessment and screening methodologies*

*B. Definition of objective of PSP / PPP Implementation for UWSCG
1. Assist in development of / review defined objectives of PSP/PPP Roadmap that would align with UWSCG 
issued executive order to mainstream outsourcing in UWSCG operations*

C. Data review and analysis (information to be primarily available from consultants working on prior 
1. Organizational data: private parties involved in Georgian WSS and other stakeholders
2. Baseline information on UWSCG business fundamentals incl. tariffs (including a review of the Georgian 
National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission’s approach to tariff-setting), consumption, 
customers’ base, maintenance standards and short-term and long-term maintenance needs, etc.
3. Analysis of UWSCG assets by asset class, type, geography, etc with a view on what assets grouping 
will be relevant and attractive for PPP/PSP 
4. Confirm limitations of gap findings/available data, requirements for additional data to be 
collected/assessed/integrated into future iterations of the PSP/PPP Roadmap

D. Review of legal and institutional frameworks applicable to UWSCG (information to be primarily 
available from consultants working on prior assignments)
1. Identification of laws and regulations impacting the activities of UWSCG (national and sub-national)
2. Review of PPP law 
3. Gap findings, requirements for new laws or regulations to allow private sector involvement for UWSCG

*E. PSP / PPP Options
1. Preparation of long list of PSP modalities applicable to UWSCG given the existing context (demand, 
service needs, legal & regulatory framework)
2. Recommendation on optimal modality (implementation, O&M, performance-based contract, concession etc.) 
given the Georgian context, UWSCG’s setup, long term investment needs, service quality objectives etc.
3. Submit a roadmap for PSP / PPP implementation by UWSCG inclusive of all requirements to reach 
implementation stage* 

*F. Market Sounding
1. Review of analysis prepared by prior consultants on best international PSP and PPP practices 
applicable to UWSCG
2. Recommendation for applicable modalities for UWSCG*
3. Review long-list of potential international private players for UWCSG PSP and PPP strategy prepared 
by prior consultants

G. Financial analysis and viability, transaction costs
1. Review of existing model of UWSCG’s WSS service revenues based on projected demand, capacity 
expansions etc.
2. Review of assessment and quantification of long-term investment needs provided by external 
3. Review of assessment and quantification of long-term funding needs provided by external consultants
4. Analysis of funding sources and assessment of how private sector participation could address funding 

*H. Risk Analysis
1. Identification of key risk factors implied by of private sector participation from UWSCG perspective
2. Identification and assessment of key risks impacting the implementation of private sector 
participation for UWSCG
3. Recommendation of optimal allocation of risks between UWSCG and private sector*

I. Contractual Framework
1. Propose contractual terms and framework for implementation of recommended PSP/PPP option by UWSCG

*J. PSP/PPP Screening criteria & Project schedule
1. Preparation of screening methodology for PSD/PPP projects to be implemented by UWSCG including 
drafting of a project screening manual
2. Assist in preparation and shortlisting of the potential PPP/PSP projects pipeline and review of 
procurement strategy and timeline for UWSCG*

The Senior WSS Expert/Team Leader is expected to work closely with the other consultants hired for the 
PBL as well as the WSS Specialist, Financial Specialist, and National Legal Expert to be hired under 
this TA. The Senior WSS Expert/Team Leader is also expected to work closely with UWSCG, MRDI, and other 
relevant agencies in the WSS sector. 

Schedule and Place of Assignment:

The Senior WSS Expert/Team Leader’s place of assignment is flexible. However, the Senior WSS Expert/Team 
Leader has to ensure that s/he can join calls which will be organized based on Georgia time. In 
addition, the Senior WSS Expert/Team Leader may be required to travel to Georgia as and when the COVID-
19 pandemic’s logistical constraints permit.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output
The duration of the assignment is expected to last for 4 months on an intermittent basis. The Senior WSS 
Expert/Team Leader is responsible for the delivery of below reports with inputs and support from other 

(i) UWSCG performance assessment report: T + 1 month
(ii) Sector and UWSCG SWOT analysis: T+1 month
(iii) Roadmap and private sector involvement strategy for WSS sector: T + 2 months
(iv) Project screening and recommendation: T + 4 months 
(v) Development of a screening manual: T + 4 months

Other than the above deliverables, the Senior WSS Expert/Team Leader may be expected to prepare short 
memos, presentations, and other materials upon the request by ADB and/or UWSCG/MRDI in order to deliver 
the Scope of Work. All deliverables should be prepared in English. 

Minimum Qualification Requirements
The Senior WSS Expert/Team Leader shall have a master’s degree from an accredited college or university. 
S/he should have a minimum of 15 years of experience in the utilities / WSS field including at least 10 
years of relevant international experience regarding similar projects involving designing, planning, and 
preparing PSP and PPP projects in the WSS sector. S/he must have sound knowledge in the field of project 
financial analysis, risk allocation, tariffs, and financial tools of infrastructure development on 
PSP/PPP basis, and have experience with different PSP/PPP structures for delivering water and wastewater 
utilities. S/he must have excellent oral and written communication skills in English.