Post-doctoral Fellows in Nature-based Climate Solutions

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)

U.S.A., , XH

Solving the climate crisis requires a suite of strategies, including efforts to increase carbon stocks within natural systems like forests, soil and oceans while reducing net greenhouse gas emissions from these systems. The idea of large potential increases in carbon stocks within the biosphere has led to bold proposals with varying levels of science-based understanding of the realizable scale, efficacy or potential tradeoffs involved. The situation risks under-delivering on the climate benefits possible by drawing attention and investment to efforts with limited or even damaging impacts.

A cohort of 4 Post-Doctoral Fellows will be working on EDF’s Nature-based Climate Solutions (NbCS) project. The overall intent of this project is to address two of the largest barriers to effective carbon credit markets: lack of clear scientific understanding and consensus on the realizable carbon storage or removal potential of the vast array of natural carbon sinks, and lack of market confidence in the integrity of carbon credits available for purchase. The NbCS team conducts research and convenes stakeholders to find agreement on the science, policy frameworks, measurement and accounting standards that underpin high-integrity credits. The project focuses on natural climate solutions where we can accelerate carbon storage most quickly because of the scale of the potential storage and the current interest in those credits. These include the management, use and protection of tropical and temperate forests, agricultural soils, and oceans.

Each Fellow will work on a key component of the project over a two-year term. Please select the hyperlinked job title below for detailed information on each Fellowship, including key responsibilities, qualifications, job location, and application instructions.

Please see attached PDF or click on the “To Apply” link for more information and application instructions.