China nationals: Watershed Management and Lake Ecological Restoration Specialist

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

, , CN

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment
To conduct and provide a comprehensive assessment of the ecological and water environment status and 
propose regulating measures for ecosystem restoration in Chao Lake basin.

Scope of Work
The specialist will closely work with the Senior Water Environment Specialist to deliver the project’s 
output. S/he will support all coordination activities with the project’s executive agency, provincial 
and county government for data collection and field visits, in liaison with ADB project officer.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output
The specialist will perform the following tasks: 

(a)	Assist in conducting the overall analysis and draft the study report. 
(b)	Conduct field work activities with site visits.
(c)	Assist with data collection and analysis. 
(d)	Support the work on compiling best practices, consolidate results and provide practical 
recommendations to be embedded in project design. 
(e)	Assist the Senor Water Environment Specialist as needed to meet the project’s deadlines. 

Minimum Qualification Requirements
The specialist should have (i) an advanced postgraduate degree (MSc or PhD) in environmental economics, 
environmental science, public policy or related fields; (ii) at least 8 years’ experience in conducting 
research projects on environmental economics analysis, watershed resources management, ecosystem 
management and eco-compensation; (iii) experience with regression analysis, statistical modelling and 
spatial analysis software (i.e. R, ArcGIS); (iv) excellent written and oral communication skills in 
English and Chinese; (v) proven effective client management with the ability to work productively under 
a tight schedule with ADB and project’s stakeholders.