Consultancy for external evaluation WASH projects via ReliefWeb

Inter Aide

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Inter Aide is looking for consultants for the final evaluation of Inter Aide programme “Amélioration de l’accès à l’eau et des conditions d’hygiène et d’assainissement, renforcement des services de maintenance des ouvrages hydrauliques – Phase II” (Ethiopia, Haïti, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique and Sierra-Leone).

Missions are planned in Ethiopia, Madagascar (Analanjirofo region) and in Malawi.

The terms of reference that explain the objectives of the evaluation and its details can be download in the link below.

Main objectives are :

1./ Validating the main results through the evaluation of several achievements, studies and reports ;

2./ Evaluating the relevance and sustainability of the water points maintenance services that have been developed, based on public-private partnerships. Providing recommendations concerning the strategies applied to give more autonomy to these services ;

3./ Providing an evaluation and recommandations about the way cross-cutting issues have been tackled by the programme, such as gender considerations, youth integration, environment protection ;

4./ Evaluating the efficience of knowledge management : how the good practices have been shared both internally or externally, what could be the recommandations so that it could contribute to the extension and scale-up of the strategies.

How to apply:…

Please, send applications before 20th of february 2017, 12h (french time), to [email protected], with « EVAL/CP EHA II » in title of the message.