PhD student in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

Uppsala University
Uppsala, Sweden
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University/Academia/Research/Think tank
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Not Specified
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Advanced Degree (Master's or JD)


Please note: this job post has expired! To the best of our knowledge, this job is no longer available and this page remains here for archival purposes only.

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The Department of Earth Sciences of Uppsala University is one of the most complete such academic departments in Europe. Our research focuses on subjects that range from the Earth’s core to the atmosphere, on scales from submicroscopic structures in minerals to the formation of mountains and oceans. For more information, please visit:

The programme for Natural Resources and Sustainable Development (NHRU) encompasses research and education on the origin, exploration and usage of raw materials by society and the development of humanity, its sustainable resource supply, and its impact on the global ecosystems. The Programme has two overarching research themes: Environment, Nature and Society and Global Energy Systems. For more information, please visit:

Project description: The research project “Negotiating Ocean Conflicts among Rivals for Sustainable and Equitable Solutions (NOCRISES) is part of the NRHU research program. The aim of the project is to uncover the complex causalities and feedbacks that underpin conflicts associated with making trade-off decisions about uses of the ocean environment, the allocation of ocean resources, and the management of ocean ecosystem services. Oceans provide resources and ecosystem services to multiple marine sectors and stakeholders. The goal of ocean management is to accomplish fair and sustainable resources use. This means simultaneously achieving economic development (“blue growth”), environmental sustainability, social equity and inclusion across space and time, in a context of growing demands. Addressing these goals and making trade-off decisions is not trivial and can lead to conflict. Regions where pressures increase at a faster-than-average-rate (so-called "ocean change hotspots") are particularly susceptible. Outbreaks of conflict come in many forms: between many stakeholders or few; persistent or new; and over diverse resources and services. Making trade-offs explicit and differentiating between marine conflict types is crucial to mitigate and resolve conflict. Management should result in enduring and legitimate outcomes, especially in ocean change hotspots.

Duties: We are now recruiting a PhD student to this project (above). As PhD student you are expected to contribute to this project with producing knowledge to the following topics:

  1. Identifying the types of conflicts over marine environments and their origins.
  2. Understanding how trade-offs between interests and values cause conflicts over marine environments.
  3. Understanding the relation between legitimacy of ocean governance and the resolution of conflicts over marine environments.

Requirements: To be eligible for a position as a PhD student, the applicant must hold a MSc. degree in Sustainability Science, Environmental Sociology, Environmental Anthropology, Human Geography, Political Ecology or equivalent competence. In ranking eligible candidates, special importance will be given to scientific skills in relation to the subject area. In filling this position the University aims to recruit the person who, in the combined evaluation of competence, skills and documented qualifications, is judged most suitable to carry out and develop the work-in-hand and to contribute to a positive development of the department activities.

You can read more about being a PhD student at disciplinary

Rules governing PhD students are set out in the Higher Education Ordinance chapter 5, §§ 1-7 and in Uppsala University's rules and guidelines

How to apply: The application should be written in English and should include a short description of the applicant and her/his research interests. It should also include a CV, copies of relevant examination certificates, a copy of the M.Sc. thesis and publications as well as other relevant documents (e.g. letters of recommendation or names of reference persons).

Salary: According to local agreement for PhD students.
Starting date: 01-03-2021 or as otherwise agreed.

Type of employment: Temporary position according to the Higher Education Ordinance chapter 5 § 7.

Scope of employment: 100%.

For further information about the position please contact: Wynand Boonstra, email:

Please submit your application by 15 January 2021, UFV-PA 2020/4915.

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