Potential effect of climate change on large dams: impacts on related flood-hazard and flood-risk via EURAXESS

Universita' di Bologna

Bologna, Italy 🇮🇹


The aim of this research activity is to integrate up-to-date knowledge on hydrological, hydraulic and sedimentation processes to address water and flood risk management through a holistic paradigm. In particular, the project intends to define the guidelines for a functional rehabilitation, i.e. associated with water-related problems only, of large dams by addressing the following main issues: 1) rethinking the design scenarios of dams taking into account the modified climatic conditions, considering not only the variability of the discharge; 2) update the criteria for mapping hazard scenarios in downstream and riparian areas; 4) illustrate through demonstrative case studies an evaluation of the impounded basin systems and their future scenarios, as well as depict the hazardous conditions downstream.