Caribbean nationals: National Experts (Climate change resilience)

GFA Consulting Group

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Project description

As Small Islands and Developing States, countries in the CARIFORUM region are highly vulnerable to climate variability and change and. It is therefore important to give due attention to building resilience at all levels of societies in these countries. An important strategy in building resilience is to have societies that are well informed on matters pertaining to climate change and are willing to adopt practices that can aid in meeting the related challenges whilst making use of opportunities that climate change can present. The assignment therefore aims to build necessary capacities so that identified countries can enhance their national awareness of climate variability and change. The exercise will require keen attention to participatory approaches, taking into account the opinions of actors such as women, children and other groups that may be more vulnerable to climate change. Furthermore, key knowledge generated will be document and analysed to share with partners from the Global GCCA+ Programme.
Over the planned seven-month duration of the exercise, KAP (Knowledge, Attitude and Practices) surveys and Public Awareness and Outreach strategies/National Climate Awareness Programmes will be undertaken for five countries 1) The Bahamas, 2) Cuba, 3) Dominican Republic, 4) Saint Kitts & Nevis, and 5) the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Capacities in fostering climate change awareness will be built via a Training of Trainers Programme across the sixteen (16) CARIFORUM countries. The expected results are:
·Result 1: The needs pertaining to climate variability and climate change education of the prioritised countries are identified via comprehensive studies/surveys of Knowledge, Attitude and Practices.

  • Result 2: Robust national climate awareness programmes/public education and outreach strategies to support combatting the effects of climate variability and climate change have been elaborated.
  • Result 3: Enhanced climate awareness to be able to effectively integrate climate variability and climate change into national development planning via a training of trainers’ programme.

Job description

Requested consulting services include assistance to the team leader, in the following tasks:
·Support the design and coordinate the implementation of KAP surveys on climate change
·Identify needs on climate variability and climate change education
·Support the development of climate awareness programmes and public education strategies based on the identified needs
·Support the development of Training of Trainers programmes responding to the identified needs
·Identify and coordinate with stakeholders


·University degree related to environmental education / natural resource science / social science / climate change / environmental governance or other relevant discipline
·Minimum 3 years work experience in technical core and complementary areas such as climate change adaptation; environmental awareness raising
·Professional work experience in the CARIFORUM region
·Sector knowledge on climate change strategies and stakeholders in one or more of the five focus countries: 1) The Bahamas, 2) Cuba, 3) Dominican Republic, 4) Saint Kitts & Nevis, and 5) the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.
·Written and oral proficiency in English and/or Spanish
·Experience on KAP surveys is an asset