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About the workplace

We comprise an inspired work community of environmental experts. Our aim is to build sustainable societies in close national and international partnership. We produce insightful solutions and services based on multi-disciplinary research and solid evidence base. Our operations are spread across four locations in Finland. Over half of our funding comes from external sources.
Work tasks

We are looking for a Research Professor as a temporary employment for the period 1.4.2021- 31.3.2025.

As a Research professor, you will lead and coordinate research related to water resources, particularly to hydrological cycle at SYKE Freshwater Centre. Together with research partners you will develop national and international research related to the domain of professorship. The goal of the research is to develop new approaches, research infrastructure, and methods for analyzing and combining large observation data sets to sustainable use of water resources and assessing abrupt climate changes effects and risks.

As a research professor, you are responsible at SYKE for developing the content and expertise of the research field to be internationally competitive and for strengthening the external funding base. You lead large projects, develop competence of your research area at SYKE, engage actively in national and international research networks, and promote stakeholder collaboration. In addition you advance scientific publishing and impact in your research field at SYKE.

The Research Professor position at SYKE is filled for a four-year term, with a maximum of two terms.

Research professor scientific and research merits are evaluated based on the following criteria:
• Scientific publications, relative to the international standard in the research area
• Acquisition of research funding as a leader of projects or sub-projects
• Research project leadership, supervision of project teams and development of their skills
• International researcher networks and stakeholder collaboration as well as other activities generating impact

SYKE’s strategy reflects our holistic and systemic approach, our focus and the key role of sustainable development in influencing environmental issues. You can find more information about SYKE’s strategy, organization, and our projects at We expect you to demonstrate in your application how your research approach and focus areas complement SYKE’s research.

The Research Professor position is located at SYKE Freshwater Centre either in Helsinki, Oulu, Jyväskylä or Joensuu premises. SYKE has remote working possibility.
General requirements

There are no set eligibility requirements for the position.

To be successful in this position, you need to have a Doctoral degree in hydrology, water resources management, or a similar field, as well as a proven ability to prepare research applications and lead large research projects. You need to have more than five years of experience in research work and you should demonstrate ability for high-quality scientific publishing. You need to present strong evidence of national and international research project leadership, and of your activities in research and collaboration networks, as well as stakeholder collaboration.

Working at SYKE and SYKE’s networks is strongly multidisciplinary and multilingual teamwork, so as a research professor you need excellent collaboration, interaction and communication skills. You are ready to learn something new and, if necessary, challenge yourself in terms of interdisciplinarity, methods and interaction. We expect you to describe in the application how you, as a research professor, would develop research related to water resources at SYKE.

Other language skills
You will need excellent oral and written English language skills in the post. Knowledge of Finnish language is useful in this task.
Scope of employment

Form of employment: Temporary employment

Scope: Office work Office work, Flexible working hours, possibility to partially telework

Commencement: 01/04/2021 or according to the agreement.

Time-limited to: 31/03/2025 Character of work


Last application date: 15/02/2021 15:15

Reference number: 35-146-2020

You can apply for this job via:

Send a digital application via this link.

You may also apply for this position by submitting your application to the address below. The job reference of the role must be cited both in the actual application and on the envelope. Applications will not be returned.

Finnish Environment Institute SYKE
Latokartanonkaari 11
00790 Helsinki, Finland

Annexes A to C must be attached to the application

A: Curriculum vitae (CV) either following to the CV model of the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity, which can be found at Template for researcher’s curriculum vitae | Finnish National Board on Research Integrity TENK or including at least following information (max. 13000 characters with spaces, or 3 pages):
• Name, date of birth, current address and nationality
• Academic degrees, other education and qualifications (year when accomplished)
• Current and previous positions and employers (dates of the start and the end of the employment)
• Most important research funding acquired and project leadership
• Other scientific activities, expert duties, and achievements
o (e.g. thesis supervised, acting as examiner or opponent in Ph.D dissertations, evaluation of research proposals, memberships in scientific boards and committees, tasks and duties in national and/ or international expert groups, most important keynote presentations)
• Awards, prices, and honours
• Societal impact of your research (free form)

B: List of publication and other products, categorized as follows
2) peer-reviewed scientific articles, 2) other scientific publications, 3) other publications; 4) other products such as models, methods, patents, etc. developed and references to those

C: Letter of intent (in English, at maximum 7000 characters with spaces or 2 pages) of the objectives and focus areas, and how you would develop hydrological research at SYKE.

Salary is determined on the basis of difficulty, personal performance and experience in accordance with SYKE’s salary system (5686-6020 €/month).

Number of positions advertised: 1
Contact persons

Anna-Stiina Heiskanen +358 295 251 162 [email protected]
Eeva Primmer, prof Research Director +358 295 251 521 [email protected]


Finnish Environment Institute SYKE
Latokartanonkaari 11
00790 Helsinki, Finland
Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, Joensuu office
Yliopistokatu 7 (Natura-building)
80100 Joensuu, Finland
Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, Oulu office
Paavo Havaksen tie 3 (Ympäristötietotalo, 3rd floor)
90570 Oulu, Finland
Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, Jyväskylä office
Survontie 9A
40500 Jyväskylä, Finland


The post has a 6-month probationary period.