Consultant to Update the Guidance on Market Based Programming for Humanitarian WASH Practitioners

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Terms of Reference – Consultant to Update the

 Guidance on Market Based Programming for Humanitarian WASH Practitioners

Background and rationale

The Global WASH Cluster (GWC) is a partnership of NGOs, UN agencies and other organizations, which has the primary mandate of strengthening system-wide preparedness and coordination of technical capacity to respond predictably to humanitarian emergencies and provide clear leadership and accountability in the main areas of humanitarian response in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). The core priority of the GWC is to support the effective and predictable delivery of appropriate WASH for those affected by an emergency. The GWC is led by UNICEF.

The GWC has been engaged since 2015 on work on Market Based Programming (MBP) and Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA), in the areas of policy development, evidence building, knowledge management and capacity building. One of the major pieces of work completed by the GWC in 2020 was the stocktaking study on MBP in WASH, which resulted in the publication in December 2020 of a series of five reports on the strength of evidence of MBP as well as on practices in MBP in WASH in emergencies. This significant amount of newly available evidence on MBP in WASH points in turn to the need to revise and update the Guidance on Market-Based Programming for Humanitarian WASH Practitioners, first published by the GWC in April 2019.

To support this effort, the GWC is seeking the services of a consultant with expertise both in WASH and MBP.


The overall objective of this consultancy is to update the GWC Guidance on Market-Based Programming for Humanitarian WASH Practitioners, considering newly available evidence and the demands of GWC partners like the need for a consistent monitoring and evaluation framework.

Main tasks / Expected results

Under the supervision of the GWC Cash and Markets Technical Working Group (TWIG) led by the German Toilet Organization and in close collaboration with the CashCap Advisor to UNICEF-led Clusters, the consultant will undertake the revision of the GWC Guidance on Market-Based Programming for Humanitarian WASH Practitioners (further “the Guidance”), and will be accountable for the following activities:

1.     Gather feedback from WASH partners, MBP and CVA experts, and other stakeholders on the current version of the Guidance, in particular the use made of the Guidance by context, topic and stakeholder;

2.     Gather feedback from WASH partners, MBP and CVA experts, and other stakeholders on the use and uptake of Core WASH Indicators for Multipurpose Cash, developed by the GWC in 2019;

3.     Identify together with GWC Cash and Markets TWIG members any needs to modify the structure of the Guidance as part of the review and update process;

4.     Based on the gathered feedback and newly available evidence, update the Guidance;

5.     Developing a monitoring and evaluation framework for MBP in WASH in emergencies and guidance on cash and markets indicators for WASH, as part of the monitoring and evaluation chapter of the Guidance;

6.     Facilitate the review of the draft version of the updated Guidance by the TWIG and consolidate the feedback in a final version

7.     Develop a dissemination plan for the updated Guidance.

Timeframe, duration and deliverables

Start date:                                20 December 2020

End date:                                  28 February 2021

Number of working days:          TBD (s. estimates below)

Duty Station:                            The consultancy is home-based.

Reporting to:                            Global WASH Cluster “Cash and Markets Technical Working Group” via German Toilet Organization

Key deliverables (and estimated duration)

1.     Brief report on stakeholder feedback on the usefulness of the old version of the Guidance: 7 working days

2.     Brief report on stakeholder feedback on the use and uptake of the Core WASH Indicators for Multipurpose Cash: combined with the above

3.     Updated Guidance:     23 working days

4.     Dissemination plan:    2 working days
TOTAL ~32 working days

Remuneration:  deliverable-based

  1. 50% at the signature of the contract

2.     50% on completion of the final document approved by the members of the GWC TWiG

Key competences, technical background and experience required

Due to the required expertise from different disciplines we encourage joint applications from teams or consultant firms that bring together the necessary expertise. Applications are sought from consultants, with the following profile.

  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant subjects like engineering, social sciences or economy and master’s degree (or equivalent post graduate studies) in water and sanitation and other related fields
  • At least 10 years of experience in planning, implementing and managing humanitarian WASH programmes, with direct experience
    • in market-based interventions in WASH
    • in setting up monitoring and evaluation (MEAL) frameworks
  • Previous experience with humanitarian clusters highly desirable;
  • Experience in developing documentation for technical audiences;
  • Ability to communicate effectively to diverse audiences;
  • Strong analytical and conceptual thinking;
  • Proven evidence of writing skills (to send writing samples as part of the application);
  • Ability to be flexible and work within tight deadlines;
  • Ability to work collaboratively on research and development of technical documentation;
  • Excellent verbal and written English; knowledge of French, and / or Spanish, and / or Arabic highly desirable.

Submission of applications

Interested candidates are kindly requested to apply and send the following documents by Dec 22, 2020 to [email protected]

1)     Resume and Cover Letter;

2)     A financial proposal including fee per day including VAT (GTO is exempt from VAT)

3)     Writing samples, preferably in relevant technical areas;

4)     A written technical proposal of maximum two pages outlining key steps to be taken to deliver the expected results.

Remarks: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and advance to the next stage of the selection process.