Bachelor / Master Thesis (f/m/x) Subject: Factors affecting in-situ wet chemistry phosphorus sensor (HydroCycle-PO4)

Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ)

Magdeburg, Germany 🇩🇪

The Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) with its 1,100 employees has gained an excellent reputation as an international competence centre for environmental sciences. We are part of the largest scientific organisation in Germany, the Helmholtz association. Our mission: Our research seeks to find a balance between social development and the long-term protection of our natural resources.

The Department of Lake research is offering at the earliest possible date (but not later than March 1st 2021) a Bachelor/MSc thesis topic. The aim of the study is to evaluate Wet Chemistry sensor measurements in different types of surface waters. With evolution of technologies, water quality analysis in lakes and rivers is gradually shifting from the conventional laboratory analysis to in-situ analysis. In-situ chemical sensors for water quality measurements enable high-temporal resolution data collection from lakes. High-resolution monitoring of P has been successfully used in rivers and streams but hardly in standing waters. We are currently testing a wet-chemistry, in-situ phosphorus analyser, SeaBird HydroCycle PO4: We are looking for a highly motivated student who is interested in-situ water quality measurements.

Bachelor / Master Thesis (f/m/x)

Subject: Factors affecting in-situ wet chemistry phosphorus sensor (HydroCycle-PO4)

Full-time, according to university requirements, the project can take 6 months

Your tasks:

  • Testing the HydroCycle PO4 sensor in the laboratory under different conditions including; turbidity (sediments, algae, dissolved organic carbon); Anoxic water with/without sulphides.
  • Verifying the HydroCycle PO4 sensor by phosphorus analysis in the laboratory. 
  • Deployment of the sensor in a lake/river after completing the laboratory test.
  • Data evaluation and interpretation

Your profile:

  • Basic knowledge about analytical chemistry
  • Experience about data analysis is preferable
  • Keen interest in the preparation of database

We offer:

  • A close and good care
  • Exciting insights into the work of a leading institute
  • Insight in an emerging water quality analysis technology
    Introduction to other in-situ water quality measurements sensors
  • The possibility to introduce your own ideas and impulses from the beginning