Local recruitment: Research Associate Volunteer

Moonshot Missions

USA, XH 🇽🇭

Position: Research Associate Volunteer

If you are passionate about water issues and environmental equity, please consider joining our Moonshot Missions (MM) team! We are a small but rapidly growing start-up, working directly to improve local waterways and drinking water quality, as well as affordability and resiliency for underserved communities. Whether you are just launching your career or looking to broaden your experience in the water industry, becoming part of Moonshot Missions will enable you to work alongside veteran water leaders, make a direct impact on our sector, while helping to ensure safe and clean water is delivered to the people who need it most!


At Moonshot Missions, we believe a person’s zip code should not determine the quality of the water they drink or the services they receive. As infrastructure ages and funds become scarce, delivering safe drinking water and protecting local waterways is increasingly expensive and challenging. Unfortunately, the communities in greatest need are the most challenged as they struggle to maintain essential services. Moonshot Missions assists water utilities in underserved communities identify and adopt field-tested solutions that improve operational performance, reduce costs and/or even generate new revenue. The team is led by George Hawkins, the former CEO of DC Water and national leader and speaker in the clean and safe water sectors. During his tenure at DC Water, Mr. Hawkins achieved his own “moonshot”, transforming DC Water into a world class, innovative, customer-oriented powerhouse utility.

For information about Moonshot Missions visit: www.moonshotmissions.org. Interested candidates should email cover letters and resumes to: [email protected].