Dutch and ~70 country nationals: Young Expert

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Young Experts

As a Young Expert you get the opportunity to gain experience in an intercultural environment and develop your personal goals for a period of 1 or 2 years. You are employed by a Dutch organisation, and work on a specific project related to either Water or Agrofood. At the same time you receive intensive coaching, and attend training sessions and master classes in order to develop your skills. An example of the training programme can be found on this page. As we regularly monitor the results and efficacy of the training programme, this is subject to change. If you are a potential Young Experts you can take the self-test to see whether you might be eligible to apply for a Young Expert position.

YEP is open for projects in one of the countries that are eligible for grants from the Dutch Good Growth Fund. The full and updated list of countries can be found on the right. If you are a motivated young professional, YEP is a wonderful opportunity to invest in yourself, and to make an impact by working on a project for an extensive period of time. Do you think you have got what it takes to become a Young Expert yourself? Take the test!

Selection process

Young Experts

The Young Expert Programmes are open to Dutch Young Experts and local Young Experts from any of the eligible countries. There is a difference in the selection process for both. Local Young Experts apply by approaching Dutch organisations, who conduct their own selection process, and Dutch Young Experts apply when new vacancies are posted online.


Throughout the year organisations that meet the criteria can submit project proposals, which will be assessed and rated three times a year, after the deadline. A detailed description of the submission process for a project proposal can be found here.