Nepal natioanls: Environmental Expert

Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Position Type: 
Organization Type: 
International Organization
Experience Level: 
5-7 Years
Degree Required: 
Advanced Degree (Master's or JD)


Please note: this job post has expired! To the best of our knowledge, this job is no longer available and this page remains here for archival purposes only.

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment


A project preparatory technical assistance (PPTA) of $1 million was approved by ADB on 15 September 2016
for the Second Kathmandu Valley Water Supply Improvement Project (KVWSIP2 or project). Based on the
request of Government of Nepal, KVWSIP2 was split into two projects in 2017: (i) Melamchi Water Supply
Project–Phase 2 (MWSP2), which mainly supports the construction of two tunnels with a combined length of
12 kilometers for the conveyance of raw water from Yangri and Larke valleys; and (ii) KVWSIP2 that
supports the construction of a new water treatment plant and water supply transmission and distribution
system. Both projects were included in Nepal’s country operation business plan (COBP), 2018–2020.

In particular, KVWSIP2 will support the ongoing efforts of the government towards improving the water
supply services in the Kathmandu Valley by developing a reliable, equitable, and sustainable water
supply system. KVWSIP2 will fund the following components: (i) expansion of the existing water treatment
plant at Sundarijal site, (ii) construction of new water storage reservoirs in the service area, (iii)
augmentation of the existing bulk water transmission capacity by laying additional pipeline from
Sundarijal to Chabahil, (iv) expansion of distribution network improvement in areas outside the
Kathmandu Valley Ring Road, and (v) climate proofing of selected sections of the water supply intake at
the Melamchi tunnel. Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited (KUKL) will be the implementing agency, while
the Project Implementation Directorate (PID) under the Board of Directors of KUKL will be responsible
for project management.

Consulting firms and individual consultants will be recruited to help in preparing KVWSIP2 for ADB
approval. The pool of individual consultants will consist of various technical experts, including a
national environmental expert consultant who will help the international environmental expert consultant
in ensuring that the project will be in compliance with ADB Safeguard Policy Statement (SPS).

As part of financing requirements from ADB, KVWSIP2 is required to comply with ADB SPS, particularly the
need for environmental assessment consistent with Safeguard Requirements 1 (Environment) of the SPS.
This assignment will ensure quality and reliability of baseline data, information, documents, and other
outputs of tasks that will be used and/or support in environmental assessment of the project and assess
the implementation capacity of the executing and implementing agencies of KVWSIP2 to meet ADB’s
environment safeguard requirements. The consultant will ensure environmental safeguards consideration in
project design of the proposed project. He/she will ensure that the project as a whole will avoid
adverse environmental impacts, and contribute internationally accepted performance indicators.

Scope of Work


The consultant will work closely with an international environment expert to be separately hired by ADB.
The consultant will also (i) work closely with the environmental safeguards focal persons of the
executing and implementing agencies of KVWSIP2 to ensure project designs consider avoidance and
minimization of environmental impacts through appropriate measures; (ii) confirm data collection is in
order to identify up to date and robust baseline situation against which to undertake impact assessment;
(iii) follow standards and measures set out in relevant World Bank Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)
Guidelines; (iv) support quantified impact assessment of all direct, indirect, cumulative, and induced
impacts with respect to physical, biological, socioeconomic, especially community and occupational
health and safety, livelihoods, and physical cultural resources, including heritage sites; and (v)
undertake necessary audit of existing facilities, if any.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output


The consultant will undertake the following tasks:
(i) Support KUKL and PID in undertaking environmental assessment (environmental impact assessment [EIA]
or initial environmental examination [IEE], whichever is appropriate) for the project and formulating
environmental management plans (EMPs) for the different components of the project in line with ADB
(ii) Undertake assessment of KUKL’s safeguards system and its related procedures, identify areas for
improvement, develop appropriate safeguards implementation arrangement including terms of reference for
safeguards staff and consultant support, and conduct capacity building program. This assessment will
form part of the EIA/IEE, and results will be included in the EIA/IEE report;
(iii) Conduct classification of environment category of the proposed project;
(iv) Prepare EIA/IEE report, environmental management plans (EMPs) as required by country’s
environmental legal frameworks and ADB SPS;
(v) Ensure that the relevant provisions of EMPs, including costs of implementing the EMPs, are fully
included in bid and contract documents, particularly in the bill of quantities and cost line items. Keep
in the contract provisions the approval by PID of the site-specific EMP (SEMP) and occupational health
and safety (OHS) plan prepared by contractor before field mobilization;
(vi) Ensure to include in the contract the detailed safeguards and OHS compliance clauses, with
specification and standards, which may include, among others, the labor camp specifications; waste
management; mobilization of fulltime and authorized staff with subject matter expertise on safeguards
and safety; action (including monetary) to be taken for noncompliance; templates of government clearance
forms, monitoring checklist and reporting structure, etc.;
(vii) Ensure draft SOP for COVID-19 risk management at workplaces being used by PID is attached to the
bidding document. Ensure that the bidding and contract documents include the condition of submission of
said SOP by the contractor prior to field mobilization;
(viii) Calculate and provide to relevant project team members the indicative costs to implement package-
wise EMPs, environmental monitoring programs, awareness programs, etc.;
(ix) Work closely and support KUKL and PID in the overall environmental safeguard related activities,
including environmental baseline data collection, assessment of hazards and risks the projects may pose
to the environment and people, development of EMPs, conduct of meaningful consultations with project-
affected people and other preparatory works for environment safeguard documents, including environmental
safeguards inputs to the RRP and PAM;
(x) Assist with any capacity building activities for project stakeholders; and
(xi) Work closely with national consultants and assist the ADB team leader, Environment Specialist and
safeguards-related international consultants by providing relevant data and documents required for
consideration for the proposed project.

Minimum Qualification Requirements


Master’s degrees in environmental science or related field, and 7 years of experience working on
environmental assessments for complex urban projects and/or other infrastructure projects. Working
experience with similar assignments, ADB environmental safeguard policies and for donor-funded projects
is preferred. Experience working or living in Kathmandu Valley is a plus.