2021 Keeling Curve Prize

Global Warming Mitigation Project
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10 February 2021
19 days remaining

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Please see the About page for an overview of the Keeling Curve Prize, including explanations of our 5 prize categories.

  • We award $25,000 to two projects in each of our five categories each year. See the previous laureates here.
  • The prize application period closes at midnight GMT, February 10, 2021.
  • We welcome entries for active projects or programs (not ideas or untested hypotheses) from anywhere in the world. Prizes are awarded for ongoing work only (not as a reward for unimplemented ideas or past work).
  • From a global pool of applicants, our Analyst Team, Advisory Council, and Judging Panel choose the highest impact projects according to our Keeling Curve Prize performance metric and fulfillment of category specifications.
  • We will not award prizes to the same applicants two years in a row. However, if you are not awarded, you may apply the next year and in any subsequent years.
  • You may submit for multiple categories, but you will only be eligible to win in one category during any given year.
  • Important: Incomplete applications or applications that do not attempt to quantify their emissions reductions (Question #9) or financial scalability (Questions #12 and 13) will not be considered. For more guidance see our FAQ.
  • If offered a prize, recipients are requested but not required to:
  • Report on the progress of the awarded project upon request by the KCP team.
  • Support the PR outreach activity for the prize.
  • Allow your project's information to be disseminated at the discretion of the Global Warming Mitigation Project (GWMP) organization.
  • Allow us to put details of your organization or project (including your logo) in our online and printed communications.

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