Water and Sanitation Expert

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

, , PW

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment
To support PAL-PPUC in preparing (i) waste and water operations performance and reform assessment.

Scope of Work
The expert will be responsible for analysis of the current technical and economic conditions of Palau 
water and wastewater operations (WWO) including but not limited to (i) resource, transmission and 
distribution assets; (ii) metering and billing systems; (iii) reform and regulatory policies; (iv) 
measures to reduce losses and enhance Palau Public Utilities Corporation’s (PPUC) revenue and liquidity; 
(v) efficiency; (vi) PPUC’s capital investment plan for 2021-2023; and (vii) comprehensive analysis of 
planned sector interventions by development partners including Asian Development Bank (ADB), and 
assessment of how such interventions could meet Palau water and sanitation sector requirements.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output
The expert will be preparing a WWO assessment based on (i) strategic directions, including key sector 
indicators compliant with Palau strategic documents and roadmap policy; (ii) demand and supply scenarios 
and recommending measures to improve efficiency; (iii) appraisal of major issues, constraints, 
challenges, opportunities, reforms, strengths, and risks affecting the sector and PPUC sustainability; 
(iv) identifying structural constraints to sector development and policy dialogue with the government to 
determine how to address constraints; (v) outlining the importance and contribution of the sector's 
development to the country's growth, poverty reduction, and inclusiveness objectives, or the extent to 
which the sector is a binding constraint; and (vi) measures required to enhance PPUC’s sustainability 
and promote sustainable WWO. The expert is required to undertake a review of development (multilateral 
and bilateral) partners activities with proposed summary of institutional arrangements and processes for 
development coordination in Palau WWO. Analysis and outputs will include gender and social (poverty) 
considerations and use sex disaggregated data where possible

Palau water and sanitation sector assessment and recommendations (interim report – 3 weeks; final draft 
– 1 week). The report will present a detailed and timebound action plan for key priority measures to 
improve PPUC’s revenue generation and liquidity improvement in 2020-2021. (ii) Development partners’ 
activities and assistance assessment update (interim report – 2 weeks; final – 1 week). The report will 
include analysis of past, present and planned sector interventions by development partners (bilateral 
and multilateral) and assessment of how such interventions could meet Palau WWO requirements.   

Minimum Qualification Requirements
The expert will have (i) a degree in engineering or related field, preferably with a postgraduate 
qualification in economics; (ii) expertise in analysis and forecasting of power demand and supply; (iii) 
a minimum of 10 years of experience in preparing energy sector assessments, master planning, and (iv) 
appraisal of power utilities performance (generation, transmission and distribution) and capital 
investments. Experience in preparing energy sector assessments and utilities’ performance analysis in 
the Pacific is required. Experience in Palau is highly desirable.