Post doc (W/M) Lake CCI, monitoring of climate proxies via EURAXESS

Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS)

Toulouse, France 🇫🇷



-Choice of 5 or 6 typical case studies depending on their exhaustiveness, their representativeness and the availability of data on different variables in CCI projects
-Data collection from different CCI projects that have a direct link with the lakes
-implementation of a multivariable analysis to extract climate information and to highlight the interest of a multidisciplinary approach
-analysis of the data collected according to the approaches developed on the case studies and writing of at least two publications: one on the method and the challenges, one on the results obtained.

In the framework of a CCI (Climate Change Initiative) program, of the European Space Agency (ESA), the recruiter is the scientific PI of a project of monitoring of climate proxies on lakes. In addition to running this project, LEGOS is in charge of defining advanced algorithms for the calculation of water levels and extent on hundreds of lakes, and of developing new methods of analyzing these indicators with other climatic variables, whether on lakes (temperatures, water color, ice) or on other components of the climate system (glaciers, soils, rainfall, etc.). The CDD, which will last 1 year renewable 6 months (depending on the budget that ESA will grant for the future) will be in charge of the case study in different configurations (lakes in arid zones, in tropical, boreal, temperate, mountain or plain) and the development of a multivariate analysis highlighting the importance and usefulness of crossing different variables.

The position will be 100% at LEGOS, UMR 5566, of the Midi-Pyrénées observatory in Toulouse. This laboratory is spetialized in oceanography, hydrology, cryosphere with a strong emphasis on the use of satellite data and issues on climate change and the water cycle. The hosting team (ECHOS) is focused on the use of space in the field of hydrology and cryosphere. The recruiter, JF Cretaux, (CNES agent) is PI of the Franco-American SWOT mission (launch in 2022), PI of the CCI lakes project of ESA, responsible for the HYDROWEB database and deputy director of LEGOS.