Integrated Water Management Analyst via AWRA

Nebraska Department of Natural Resources

Lincoln, NE, United States 🇺🇸

Under limited supervision, performs highly technical and complex geologic, hydrogeologic, and/or hydrologic professional work including the development of scientifically sound hydrogeologic/hydrologic data and analyses used to develop and implement integrated groundwater/surface water management plans; performs related work as assigned.

Reviews and analyzes existing geologic, hydrogeologic, and hydrologic data to assess the connectivity between surface water and groundwater supplies within the state. Determines the type of technical data needed to develop and implement integrated surface water/groundwater management plans. Reviews adequacy of existing integrated groundwater and surface water data and models in the implementation of integrated water management plans. Conducts technical assessments on the adequacy of all tools used in integrated water management plans to ensure successful accomplishment of plan goals. Provides input on consultant selection and oversees their work in the development of technical information. Presents information on surface water and groundwater relationships as pertaining to integrated water management planning to various audiences. Develops work teams and serves as the lead for other department staff as needed in creating, planning, and implementing integrated water management plans and research. Assists with the financial oversight of integrated water management planning including consultants’ work, staffing needs, research costs, etc. Attends professional scientific conferences and programs and utilizes professional research literature to stay current and maintain expertise in the fields of hydrology and hydrogeology.

Master’s degree in Hydrology, Hydrogeology, Geology, Engineering or Natural Sciences and two years of experience in groundwater hydrology, geology or groundwater modeling. OR a Bachelor’s degree in any of the above mentioned fields and four years of experience in groundwater hydrology, geology or groundwater modeling.