Program Manager (Sector Strengthening)

Phnom Penh, Cambodia 🇰🇭

Program Manager – Sector Strengthening (CAMBODIA)

The Program Manager – Sector Strengthening will contribute to delivery of the Royal Government of Cambodia’s National Action Plan by demonstrating how sustainable WASH services can be achieved at the scale of a district, using this experience to bring about changes at a national level and by developing the human resources to reach and sustain universal access in Cambodia.

This position of Program Manager – Sector Strengthening requires a highly motivated individual, a self-starter with exceptional leadership and management skills who is able to work strategically, independently, creatively and collaboratively. The position requires a person who can bring about large-scale changes and has a passion for hygiene, sanitation and water issues. 

View the full position description here Program Manager Cambodia PD 100117

Vision for the Role
The vision for this role is demonstrate how the National Action Plan and related Provincial Action Plans can be delivered at the district level by leveraging available resources available for greater collective impact. WaterAid’s ‘District Wide Approach’ (DWA) and the principles of the ‘Agenda for Change: Achieving Universal Access to Sanitation Hygiene and Water by 2030’ will be adapted to the Cambodian context and utilised. Experiences gained from the program will be used to inform policy dialogue and decentralisation reforms at the national and sub-national level. In addition to working at the district level, the vision is to strengthen the sector by building systems for developing the next generation of WASH professionals. Initially this will be achieved through strengthening an existing WASH training and resource centre to become a valued, independent organisation.

Purpose of the Role
The primary purpose of this role is to design a three-year program using a district wide approach, manage a team to deliver the program and document and use the experiences for policy advocacy. 


1. Sector Influencing
• Provide visionary leadership to show how the sector can operate more effectively and develop advocacy strategies to bring about these changes. 
• Establish and manage relationships with sub-national government and partner organisations to change sector processes at sub-national level.
• Feed lessons from the program into dialogue with Royal Government of Cambodia and other development partners regarding decentralisation of WASH services.  
• Make regular use of sector coordination mechanisms such as Technical Working Groups and sub-working groups to promote key learnings can change objectives. 

2. Team Leader
• Recruit and lead a dynamic team of Cambodian professionals to deliver the DWA program in line with WaterAid’s values. 
• Coach the new team to excel and play a role as future sector leaders in their areas of expertise – behaviour change, governance, water security.
• Identify and mange expert inputs as required, from across the WaterAid Federation and externally.

3. Program development and delivery
• Design a three-year program based on a DWA and in line with ‘Agenda for Change’ principles and fitting with latest decentralisation reforms in Cambodia.
• Use adaptive planning techniques to evolve the program to maximise opportunities during program implementation. 
• Build strong linkages with other WaterAid Cambodia programmes of work including WASH in Healthcare Facilities and Equity and Inclusion to maximise synergies.
• Establish new partnerships with local private sector and NGOs for effective delivery of the DWA program.
• Grant management for the donors supporting the DWA program, including budget management, narrative and financial reporting.

4. Documentation and learning
• Lead documentation activities using a creative range of communication approaches to ensure that lessons reach key audiences and feed into policy dialogue in Cambodia and globally.
• Actively engage in learning process between WaterAid country programs working on DWA and make high quality contributions to global publications and global learning events based on the Cambodian experience. 
• Lead monitoring and evaluation activities relating to the DWA program and ensure this information is used to effect change in the program and the sector.

5. Strengthening a sector training centre
• Manage WaterAid’s relationship with a partner organisation specialising in training for the WASH sector.
• Support the organisation to become a valued, independent and financially viable organisation.
• Coordinate specialist inputs from across the WaterAid team to support the organisation with business strategy, marketing and communications and development of new training material.

This role will require regular travel within the country and occasional international travel.