Wastewater Utility and Water Reuse Specialist (Karachi Wastewater Treatment Plant 4)

Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Karachi, Pakistan
Position Type: 
Organization Type: 
International Organization
Experience Level: 
Senior (10+ Years)
Degree Required: 
Bachelor's (Or Equivalent)


Please note: this job post has expired! To the best of our knowledge, this job is no longer available and this page remains here for archival purposes only.

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment


Asian Development Bank (ADB) is advising Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) to develop, operate and
maintain wastewater utilities and recycle wastewater to conserve water resources. As part of the
transaction advisory services, ADB will, among other things:

i) conduct a pre-feasibility study for a new large municipal wastewater treatment and recycling plant on
a KWSB site previously used for wastewater treatment,
ii) prepare a report on the overall findings,
iii) conduct discussions with KSWB on the options for wastewater treatment and recycling,
iv) conduct further legal and other required due diligence,
v) recommend optimal commercial and financial structure for implementation of the Project under a PPP
vi) prepare tender documents, and
vii) support KWSB in running a competitive tender process in line with Sindh Public Procurement Rules
(as amended from time to time) and in negotiations leading to signing of the concession agreement with
the winning bidder for the Project.

Scope of Work


The Wastewater Utility and Water Reuse Specialist (the “Specialist”) will assist ADB’s Transaction
Advisory Services (TAS) team in preparation of a pre-feasibility study including drafting sections of
the report and data collection, meetings and presentations.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output


The Specialist will engage in the following activities:

A. Provide key technical support to the pre-feasibility study (in collaboration with other international
and local specialists) including review of existing studies and surveys, carrying out additional
assessments if required, developing a preliminary recommendation on feasibility of the Project, and
conducting concept level pre-feasibility assessment for purposes of PPP tendering.
B. Support ADB as transaction advisor through the study on technical matters and provide technical
support to ADB and KWSB on the overall project scope, including its linkages with the city’s master
development plan/s, by bringing international best practices and technologies for building
sustainability and resilience.
C. Review inspection records of the treatment plant site and trunk sewers and study the sewerage
catchment area for existing and planned wastewater collection infrastructure.
D. Assess wastewater influent parameters based on historical data and samples taken for laboratory
analysis during the study period, and recommend measures to be taken by KWSB if there are concerns that
the influent may not comply with National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS) for discharge into
sewage treatment during the concession period.
E. Review estimated wastewater influent flow data for the treatment plant and prepare projections over
the concession period for influent quantity.
F. Review survey report for recycled water demand and prepare projections over the concession period for
the demand for industries, irrigation and potable reuse.
G. Review survey report for quality of recycled water for industries, irrigation and potable reuse, and
recommend quality specifications for categories of end user consistent with national and international
H. Recommend phasing of installed capacity during the concession period for treatment facilities that
comply with NEQS for discharge to the sea (based on wastewater influent projections) and for treatment
facilities that produce recycled water (based on demand projections).
I. Prepare options for biological wastewater treatment process to achieve effluent that complies with
key parameters for different categories of recycled water, and prepare a conceptual layout plan for the
ultimate plant capacity and life cycle capex and opex estimates for each option.
J. Prepare options for desalinating treated wastewater effluent as necessary to comply with the
specifications for categories of recycled water, including options for pretreatment, reverse osmosis
configuration and blending, and prepare a conceptual layout plan for the ultimate plant capacity and
life cycle capex and opex estimates for each option.
K. Prepare an interim technical report comprising projections, wastewater parameters and treatment
process options with evaluation based on land availability, effluent standards, technologies, life cycle
cost and other relevant factors.
L. Following selection of a preferred option for project analysis prepare a detailed scope of works,
concept level site layout plans showing phases of construction, and a breakdown of estimated annual
capex and opex for the concession period with relevant data to facilitate input by other specialists in
a financial model.
M. Review preparation of drawings for transmission pipelines and distribution networks to deliver
recycled water from the treatment plant to end users during the concession period, and recommend phasing
of pipeline construction and pumping stations.
N. Prepare guidelines for potable reuse of recycled wastewater as an appendix to the pre-feasibility
O. Coordinate and finalize inputs from specialists for milestone deliverables including the interim
technical report, draft pre-feasibility study and final pre-feasibility study.
P. Support ADB as transaction advisor to KWSB, on other ad hoc matters as required.

Minimum Qualification Requirements


The Specialist will have at least a Bachelor’s degree in an engineering discipline along with a minimum
20 years of international experience, especially in the Middle East, South Asia, or South East Asia, in
the preparation of large wastewater projects including planning, design and feasibility studies.
Experience in a multi-disciplinary team environment for all aspects of wastewater utilities, water
reuse, desalination and pipe networks is a must. The Specialist must have excellent oral and written
communication skills in English. As travel to Pakistan is involved, the Specialist should have no
travel restrictions.