Hydrologic water balance for the Water Management Plan of the Northern Appennine Hydrographic District

University of Florence
Florence, Italy
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University/Academia/Research/Think tank
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The research aims at the development of an innovative methodology for the analysis of the water balance at the district scale, i.e. of a set of contiguous river basins falling within the same management unit, for the quantitative assessment of drought indicators, water scarcity and resource exploitation. The main innovative aspects will concern:
- The use of distributed hydrological modeling capable of assimilating a variety of satellite information within it.
- The calculation of resource exploitation, drought and water scarcity indicators based on the integration of advanced numerical models, meteorological data, satellite data and data for monitoring the quality of water bodies.
- The explicit treatment of the paths taken by the different quantities of water, so as to be able to assimilate innovative measures (stable isotopes).
- The calculation of the marginal variations of the main terms of the water balance with respect to imposed variations of climate change.