Japan nationals: JICA Special Commission (JICA Global Environment Department Environmental Management Group)

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Kanto, 13, Japan
Position Type: 
Organization Type: 
Experience Level: 
5-7 Years
Degree Required: 
Bachelor's (Or Equivalent)
Languages Required: 
English and Japanese


Please note: this job post has expired! To the best of our knowledge, this job is no longer available and this page remains here for archival purposes only.

Job description

Work style Commission
Recruitment field Environmental management

Business content

The JICA Global Environment Department's Environmental Management Group is looking for a contract (“specialized contract”) to take charge of the formation and implementation supervision of cooperation projects in the field of climate variability countermeasures / environmental management in regions such as Asia Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, and Central and South America. ..

[Business description] 

  1. Cooperation projects in the fields of climate change countermeasures (policy planning / implementation capacity enhancement, inventory construction capacity enhancement, etc.) and environmental management fields (pollution countermeasures, environmental monitoring, etc.) in regions such as Asia Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, and Central and South America Formation and implementation supervision of (technical cooperation projects, grant aid, etc.) (
  2. Other operations necessary for implementing cooperation projects

Business target country / work location

Kanto Tokyo / We may make business trips.

Business period 2021/01/01 ~ 2021/03/31

The above contract is the contract period for 2020. After mutual agreement, it can be renewed every year, and it can be renewed up to 2 years from the hire date.

Number of applicants 1 person  

Recruitment period 2020/09/18 ~ 2020/10/09  

Application conditions, etc.

Required language skills

English. A TOEIC score of 800 or higher is desirable.

Required degree

Bachelor or above

Required technical qualifications

Being able to work on a personal computer without any problems (word, excel, email, file maker, etc.). It is even more desirable to have taken PCM training.

Years of similar work experience

As a general rule, have at least 5 years of work experience in companies, government offices, universities, organizations, etc.

Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers experience


Other necessary work experience and ability

It is desirable to have the following experience and knowledge.

  • Basic knowledge and practical experience in the field of climate variability countermeasures or environmental management
  • Work experience in JICA (headquarters, domestic organizations, offices), JICA projects, etc.

In addition, it is desirable to have the following characteristics:

  • Socio-economic development and climate change in developing countries, high interest and passion in the environmental field, curiosity
  • Smooth work performance in Japanese and English (coordination, management, Communication ability)
  • Health status that allows overseas business trips (about 1 to 2 weeks / time) multiple times a year 
  • Other skills and qualities necessary to improve the results of the project, such as a spirit of challenge, sense of responsibility, flexibility, and teamwork Those who have


  1. Salary: Approximately 200,000 to 310,000 yen per month (determined based on work experience)
  2. Various allowances: Overtime allowance, bonus (June and December), commuting allowance (however, if hired in the middle of the month, the hiring month is not paid), special city allowance (Tokyo special wards, Yokohama city, Kanagawa prefecture, Aichi prefecture) (Limited to those who work in Nagoya City and Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture). Dependent allowance, housing allowance, and retirement allowance are not provided.
  3. Working hours: 7 hours 30 minutes from 9:30 am to 5:45 pm
    • Break time is 45 minutes from 12:30 to 13:15
    • Staggered work and telecommuting system available
  4. Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and year-end and New Year holidays
  5. Others: There is a salary increase based on the rules of the Organization.
  6. Leave: Paid leave, special paid leave available
  7. Social insurance: Join health insurance, employment insurance, welfare pension, workers' accident compensation insurance
  8. Promotion to full-time staff: There is a system to promote those who meet certain conditions to full-time staff. (Reference: https://www.jica.go.jp/recruit/ex/index.html )
  9. Others: You can use various benefit systems and discount systems by uniformly joining the "Welfare Association" (a membership fee equivalent to 0.4% of the actual monthly salary), which is a mutual aid organization for the staff of the Organization.

In addition, it is based on the specialized contract work rules and the detailed allowance payment rules.

Salary range (monthly)    

200,000 to less than 300,000  


Complete weekly two-day system; complete with various social insurance; group life insurance

Application method

Application method

Please apply through PARTNER's online application function (October 9, 2020 deadline). "International cooperation personnel registration" on PARTNER is required to apply.

  • Simple personnel registration is not possible.
  • It takes about 3 business days to complete "International Cooperation Personnel Registration", so if you are considering applying, please register early.
  • Please use the inquiry form ( https://partner.jica.go.jp/inquiryEdit ) of the JICA Human Resources Department PARTNER Secretariat for information on how to register PARTNER personnel and apply online.

<People who have already registered for international cooperation> 

  1. Click the "Apply for this project" button that appears when you open this recruitment page after logging in.
  2. Click "To application document attachment screen".
  3. Attach all the documents to be submitted for application.
  4. Check the check box to confirm that the required documents have been attached, and click "Apply".

<Persons who have not registered PARTNER>

Please apply after registering as an international cooperation personnel from the URL below.

 [Documents to be submitted] * Please enter the date of your resume, etc. in the Christian era.

  1. Resume (Japanese, with photo attached)    * For English proficiency, please attach a copy if you have a certificate that can be attached.  
  2. Work history (Japanese. Free style. About 1 sheet of A4 paper) 
  3. Motivation book (Japanese. Free style. About 1 sheet of A4 paper)

Precautions when applying

[Selection method]

(1) Primary selection: Document screening based on submitted documents
* The results of the document screening will be notified by e-mail by October 19, 2020.

(2) Second selection: Interview
* An interview will be held at the JICA Global Environment Department on the date and time designated by JICA (scheduled from (Monday, October 19) to Friday, October 23). masu).
※ interview transportation expenses for participation will be the person in question burden.

(3) Job offer / recruitment
1 Job offer will be made in early January, and will be hired from early January 2021. Will be decided afterwards).

[Submission of Health Examination Results] Since the specialized contract work that we apply for this time involves overseas business trips to developing countries, we will hire people who do not have any problems in conducting overseas business trips in terms of health. Therefore, those who have passed the interview are scheduled to submit their health examination results according to the format specified by the Organization by November 20th. Based on the submitted health examination results, our industrial physician will determine whether or not you can travel overseas, and based on that, we will contact you as to whether or not you will be hired.

If you have already undergone a medical examination within 180 days from the hire date, you may submit the medical examination result by transcribing it in the form specified by the Organization at the relevant medical institution. Please note that you will be responsible for the cost of the medical examination.


Please note that the submitted documents cannot be returned.

  • Personal information provided at the time of application will be used only for the procedures related to the current selection and contract.
  • We cannot answer any inquiries regarding pass / fail.
  • For questions other than pass / fail and examination details, please contact the JICA Global Environment Department Environmental Management Group Specialist Recruitment Section (   ) by Tuesday, September 29 . We cannot respond to inquiries by phone.

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Department in charge

Environmental Management Group, Ministry of Global Environment, JICA

Name of person in charge

Professional contract recruitment staff

phone number


Fax number


Email address

A word from the person in charge

With the conclusion of the Paris Agreement, developing countries will also need to strengthen their scientifically-based policy-making and implementation capabilities in order to work on development with an eye on their own future vision. In addition, it is a common issue in many developing countries that the deterioration of environmental quality becomes remarkable with the development of socio-economy, and it is required to form effective cooperation projects that respond to different issues in each country and city. It is a very dynamic and rewarding work, with many cooperation in a large framework for each city or country. Not only those who have been active in the field of climate change and environmental management, but also those who have passion and curiosity for climate change countermeasures and environmental problems in developing countries, will continue to develop their careers in this field. We are waiting for applications from those who are interested in.