Project Analyst

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Manila, , PH

Job Purpose

To provide administrative and analytical support to the functions of portfolio management and project administration in general.

Expected Outcomes

Work independently on all or a combination of the following transactions and/or clearly defined areas, depending on the assignment/instructions from supervisors (international staff and/or senior national staff):

Project Administration Memorandum (PAM)

  • Contributes to the preparation of PAM by gathering and consolidating data in the appendices, and preparing draft on various sections, for example,
    • Project description/scope,
    • Project cost,
    • Loan allocation,
    • Procurement,
    • Loan covenants, etc.

eOperations Projects

  • Prepares and updates individual records of assigned projects in oracle-based eOperations Projects every month for loans outlining all the required details for example, project description/scope, status of implementation, developments, major problems, actions taken/proposed; and participates in the departmental project performance report (PPR) meetings when needed.

Statistical Reports

  • Compiles data and statistics on contract awards and disbursements for the assigned projects for the generation of various reports required by the Department and Management.
  • Monitors and analyzes the actual awards and disbursements against targets to identify shortfalls and their underlying causes, and follows up these matters with the executing agencies (EAs).

Mission Participation

  • Participates in various missions as required such as inception, review, mid-term mission and project completion report missions by providing independent support in:
    • Collecting data on contract awards and disbursements,
    • Reconciliation of project accounts,
    • Compliance with loan covenants,
    • Familiarizing EAs with ADB’s loan procedure
    • Assisting them where necessary in the preparation of various reports and applications.

Project Covenants

  • Maintains records needed to monitor compliance with project and technical assistance (TA) covenants.
  • Follows up on outstanding obligations of EAs such as the submission of financial statements, monthly and/or quarterly progress reports.
  • Inputs data on the status of such compliance into the database, in consultation with supervisor.

Project/TA Implementation

  • Monitors physical progress in projects/TA implementation, for example, by following up on outstanding obligations of EAs to expedite procurement/contract awards
  • Familiarizes EAs with ADB guidelines and procedures, ensuring their compliance with project covenants.
  • Monitors progress in terms of outputs and deliverables, following up submission of project reports, financial statements, etc.
  • Maintains related documents, records and files for delegated projects.
  • Maintains computer-based information system for project administration matters.


  • Assists in processing disbursements for delegated and non-delegated projects by following up with EAs on timely submission of withdrawal applications.
  • Reviews withdrawal applications for compliance with project agreement.
  • Prepares/reviews data input for Procurement Contract Summary Sheet (PCSS) to update the Loan Financial Information System (LFIS).

Procurement Processes

  • Reviews bidding documents for procurement of goods and services, and ensures compliance with ADB guidelines and policies. Reviews EAs submission of bid evaluation reports and recommendations for contract awards.

  • Reviews EAs submission of the documents on recruitment of consultants. These include commenting on the: EAs budget for the assignment, list of firms/organization, short listing criteria, consultant’s terms of reference, draft request for proposal, narrative evaluation criteria, summary and personnel evaluation sheets. Prepares communications with Operations Services and Financial Management Department (OSFMD) and to the EA in approving the selection of consultant.

Project Administration Consolidation

  • Assists in collecting and summarizing data for the preparation of reports required by the Director and for consolidation by the regional front office for divisional and regional management team meetings, which include status of ongoing projects under processing and administration, staff assignments, work plan, list of loans and TA projects for closing, project completion reports, annual projected contract awards and disbursements, etc.

  • Contributes to the preparation of reports required by fund administrator heads for monitoring of approved grants/direct charges, which include, status report and disbursement requirements for Global Environment Facility grants, Water Financing Partnership Facility-Netherlands and Multi-Donor Trust Fund grants, etc.

Project Processing

  • Assists in implementation and design of project implementation arrangements, including procurement and disbursement procedures.

  • Assists in project processing tasks of the division by contributing to the preparation of the status report of projects in the pipeline; coordinating with Team Leaders and their Assistants in determining the project work plan, proposed missions and projected milestones; and regularly updating the project information, actual and projected milestones in the eOperations Projects, ensuring that the target dates are timely met for approval of the project. This report is forwarded to the regional front office and downloaded from the Operations Dashboard for status monitoring.


  • Performs other tasks as assigned and reflected in the incumbent’s workplan.

Core Competencies

Application of Technical Knowledge and Skills

  • Deals with routine queries and correspondence in accordance with procedures
  • Proactively seeks relevant development opportunities and submits for approval
  • Produces summaries and frameworks by collecting and analyzing diverse information

Client Orientation

  • Adjusts style and approach to respect and serve different clients
  • Conveys messages by asking questions and using different approaches
  • Identifies when a client issue requires escalation
  • Responds to clients without prompts or reminders from senior colleagues

Achieving Results and Problem Solving

  • Proposes solutions to minimize delays and setbacks in completing work
  • Reviews all task objectives and achieves core deliverables
  • Uses time management and organizational skills to promptly complete work to the required standard
  • Delivers beyond the stated task objectives

Working Together

  • Consistently works effectively with individuals of different views, culture, nationality, gender, and age
  • Consistently seeks assistance when requirements are unclear
  • Provides timely updates on relevant information
  • Freely shares and seeks useful knowledge and to complete work

Communication and Knowledge Sharing

  • Uses effective written and oral communication in preparing documents, presentations and interactions
  • Asks questions to understand how to follow up on feedback
  • Locates relevant information to expedite workflow

Innovation and Change

  • Adopts new policies, systems and processes in a timely fashion
  • Shares ideas for how work can be completed more effectively


Education Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline

Relevant Experience

Work experience

  • At least 5 years of relevant professional experience.

Technical knowledge

  • Proven ability to work independently on assigned transactions, areas of analysis and research, which have well-defined scope and steps.
  • Able to conduct cost-benefit analysis to support decision-making.
  • Able to set priorities for self and junior team members.
  • Effective report-writing and communication skills in English.
  • Proficient in spreadsheets and required information technologies.

People and leadership skills

  • Able to provide guidance to other Administrative Staff on assigned area of work.
  • Able to liaise and work effectively with staff within own work location and with colleagues throughout ADB.
  • Able to work collaboratively with teams as a constructive team member.

Reporting Relationships

  • Supervisor: Designated International Staff and senior National Staff