Soil and Water Outreach Coordinator (Milwaukee River Watershed)

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Soil and Water Outreach Coordinator,
Milwaukee River Watershed (100%)
Position Description

WORKING TITLE:  Soil and Water Outreach Coordinator, Milwaukee River Watershed (100%)

OFFICIAL TITLE: Outreach Specialist Title Series (title prefix to be determined)

GEOGRAPHIC AREAS SERVED:  Primarily the Milwaukee River Watershed and occasionally extending beyond the watershed boundaries for specific commitments and team programming; outreach coordinated with Sheboygan, Ozaukee, Washington, and Fond du Lac County Land and Water Conservation Departments

OFFICE LOCATION: Washington County UW-Extension Office, 333 East Washington Street, Suite 1200, West Bend, WI 53095

As an academic staff member of the University of Wisconsin-Extension, Cooperative Extension, employed with the Environmental Resources Center, the Soil and Water Outreach Coordinator is an educational leader in teaching, accessing and applying natural resource-based research findings to the fields of leadership and organizational development, community development, and local government education in order to meet identified educational needs and interests of citizens, civic groups, businesses and local governments.  The Soil and Water Outreach Coordinator takes a scholarly approach in strengthening the capacity of local agricultural communities and local government to address natural resources issues that builds understanding that leads to improved decision-making and practical, feasible solutions that can be easily implemented.

This position will initially focus on supporting ongoing soil health and water quality improvement efforts in the Milwaukee River Watershed.  UW-Extension is a partner in efforts across the watershed to engage stakeholders with improving soil health and water quality, with an emphasis on rural non-point source pollution.  The Soil and Water Outreach Coordinator will be responsible for working with the Milwaukee River Watershed Conservation Partnership (MRWCP) and throughout the Milwaukee River Watershed to create and implement an outreach strategy to share research-based information and lessons learned among participating organizations, researchers, private sector, and other stakeholders.  The Outreach Coordinator will be responsible for creation of fact sheets and other written material, creating and editing video content, managing social media distribution networks, and maintaining website content. Specifically, the Outreach Coordinator will develop and electronically distribute outreach materials highlighting watershed events and information, as well as encourage involvement with planning and implementation of outreach events such as field days, workshops, and farmer roundtable discussions. The Coordinator will also provide outreach assistance to Producer Led Watershed groups, to engage producers and landowners in on-farm research and/or demonstration projects.  The Soil and Water Outreach Coordinator may work with MRWCP participating organizations to identify and coordinate teaching opportunities surrounding the Milwaukee River Basin Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL).

– Develop and maintain relationships with the MRWCP participating organizations and funding partners in ways that effectively communicate the value of Extension, and the commitment of watershed partners to resource management
– Coordinate and deliver informative events to deliver audience specific information and program offerings
– Facilitate Producer Led Watershed-Groups in their meetings and outreach coordination with relevant MRWCP participating organizations
– Conduct and collect ongoing assessments of watershed stakeholder needs
– Propose and suggest solutions to watershed resource issues and stakeholder needs in implementing resource solutions
– Create a plan of work that integrates needs-based research into outreach programing
– Reach and engage diverse audiences in ways that are inclusive (and do not discriminate) to ensure full access to programs, facilities and educational services
– Conduct and report on program evaluations to improve program effectiveness and demonstrate value to programmatic and funding partners
– Build, strengthen and sustain trust-based relationships to promote cooperative and respectful work environments
– Regularly prepare educational and promotional materials using appropriate technology
– Develop and follow a professional development plan to ensure proficiency in priority content, current research and relevant competencies
– Be responsive to evolving position, program, office and organizational needs; perform adjusted or additional duties as requested
– Contribute leadership, as needed, to ensure effective Extension center and office operations
– Develop and implement communication models with non-traditional landowners such as non-operator women landowners

– Make individual arrangements for transportation adequate to meet position responsibilities and essential job functions
– Assume weekly travel throughout the watershed and occasional travel within the state
– Infrequently work evenings and/or weekends, as needed, to meet local needs

The Soil and Water Outreach Coordinator is administratively accountable to UW-Extension Regional Natural Resources Program Director(s) within the Environmental Resources Center, part of the UW-Extension Community, Natural Resource and Economic Development (CNRED) State Program Area. Work planning and performance expectations are established in collaboration with local leadership of the MRWCP, including a local faculty member of the UW-Extension Department of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

– Bachelors degree in a field that relates to the responsibilities of this position such as water resources, environmental policy, environmental studies, agriculture, soil science, or communications.
– Current content knowledge in fields related to the purpose of this position, such as water resources, agricultural systems, environmental policy and regulatory systems, social media and communications, and digital content creation
– Demonstrated skills in planning, implementing or outreach programs
– Ability to work at a community level and partner with others to address stakeholder needs
– Knowledge and skills to effectively interact with people from different cultural backgrounds, including those associated with race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, socioeconomic status, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, and other aspects of human diversity

– Masters degree in a field that relates to the responsibilities of this position such as agriculture, soil science, water resources, environmental policy, environmental studies, or communications.
– Demonstrated outreach coordination experience skills including planning and implementing programs; evaluating stakeholder experiences; and communicating impact and value to stakeholders, and partner organizations
– Demonstrated skills in interpreting, utilizing and applying evidence-based information and research findings
– Knowledge of adult learning principles
– Effective group facilitation skills
– Experience developing effective partnerships or coalitions with community partners and local governments
– Successful volunteer or paid experience working with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences
– Demonstrated skills in building and maintaining professional work environments
– Strong interpersonal relationship and problem-solving skills in a team setting
– Effective communication and presentation skills using a variety of methods and technologies
– Ability to promote Cooperative Extension and its programs through various media and public relations strategies
– Knowledge of the legacy of Cooperative Extension as part of the U.S.  system of land-grant institutions, dedicated to service in the public good

This position is subject to University of Wisconsin System, University of Wisconsin-Extension and Cooperative Extension human resource policies. This position description is not intended to be comprehensive in nature given the changes in primary duties/essential job functions and position expectations that can occur over time in response to emerging and assessed community, program and organizational needs. Changes to this position description are subject to the approval of the Cooperative Extension Human Resource Development Office and those to whom the position is accountable.

This position is fixed term terminal academic staff appointment in the University of Wisconsin-Extension division of Cooperative Extension.  Under University of Wisconsin-Extension 10.01 (1), fixed term terminal academic staff appointments are for a definite period of time as specified in the appointment letter and do not carry a guarantee of employment beyond the stated term, regardless of how many times an employment contract is offered to the employee.  Fixed term terminal appointments are not subject to the notice periods in University of Wisconsin System 10.05 and University of Wisconsin-Extension Chapter 10.07. Appointment is anticipated to begin April 1, 2017. Reappointment to this position after the initial term is dependent upon availability of funding and performance.

State of Wisconsin benefits (, including retirement, vacation, sick leave, health insurance, and other insurances.  Starting salary range commensurate with minimum and preferred qualifications: $47,500-$55,000

As an affirmative action employer, UW-Extension provides equal opportunity in programs and employment; and is strongly committed to maintaining a climate supportive of respect for differences and equality of opportunity.  UW-Extension does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, creed, color, disability, sex/gender, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, religion, marital status, identity as a veteran, disabled veteran, Vietnam veteran or any other military service, arrest record or non-program related conviction record.  We promote excellence through diversity and encourage all qualified individuals to apply.

Materials will be made available in alternative format upon request.  Please call 711 if you are hearing or speech impaired and need assistance.

APPLICATION DUE DATE:  To receive full consideration, application materials must be received by January 24, 2017

Posting Date:  12/23/2016
Closing Date:  1/24/2017