Call for proposals: Expert Assignment for supporting programme development and resource mobilization on water solutions for food security and sustainable agriculture

Global Water Partnership (GWP)
Home-Based / Remote
Position Type: 
Organization Type: 
International Organization
Experience Level: 
10+ Years
Degree Required: 
Advanced Degree (Master's or JD)


Please note: this job post has expired! To the best of our knowledge, this job is no longer available and this page remains here for archival purposes only.

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Specification of Requirements

1.     Introduction

The Global Water Partnership’s 2020-2025 Strategy, lays out the great urgency to act collectively around water to deliver on global goals, including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are currently off-track. Given the critical interlinkages between the water and food agendas, GWP aims to enhance in particular water solutions for food security and sustainable agriculture during this strategy period.

GWP brings a long track record of working on various relevant aspects of water use and agriculture, including, for example, an increased understanding of interlinkages between water and agriculture, catchment and community-level interventions for enhanced agricultural water management, or drought management and climate change adaptation in the agricultural sector. It has done so through a range of approaches, involving multi-stakeholder consultation and mobilization, capacity development, support to policy making and planning, and ground-level interventions. This work has been mostly carried out so far through GWP core funds and additional funds raised at national or regional levels.

To amplify its impact on water solutions for food security and sustainable agriculture, GWP needs to more fully develop its programmatic approach in line with its unique value added, to allow it to present a relevant, timely and strategic case for further investment from additional dedicated sources of funding. GWPO has preliminarily identified potential areas of intervention and now needs to mature its approach to programmatic development and resource mobilization and engage in opportunities for partnerships and resources mobilization

2.     Purpose

The objective of the consultancy is to support the Global Water Partnership Organization in developing its programmatic approach and mobilizing resources towards its activities related to water solutions for food security and sustainable agriculture.

The scope of work includes:

  • Reviewing GWP’s Strategy, current portfolio of relevant actions and proposed approaches to water solutions for food security and sustainable agriculture and Partnership and Resource Mobilisation, and carrying out a desktop review and interviews with key staff members, in order to scope out opportunities for partnership development and fundraising (which may be at different geographical levels),, and propose a detailed methodology for the development of the next steps   
  • Formulating an overview pitch document of GWP’s potential programmatic approach on water solutions for food security and sustainable agriculture  
  • Developing at least 5 thematic concept briefs on the subject matter at the global and/or regional levels, with a clear value proposition and theory of change, and potential sources of funding. These should relate to the concrete opportunities identified for partnerships and resources mobilization
  • Supporting GWPO and, if relevant, related Regional Water Partnerships, in getting positioned on at least 3 concrete opportunities for resource mobilization, including by helping GWPO identify these opportunities, engage with relevant partners, and mature its value-added for these opportunities. This could relate for example to the upcoming European Green Deal call and/or other high-impact opportunities. This, as well as other resource mobilization-related activities, will be carried out in close coordination with the GWPO Partnerships and Resources Mobilisation team

The following will be carried out as relevant based on the above:

  • Developing pre-proposals for the concrete opportunities identified above
  • Supporting GWPO in working with regional and country water partnerships to articulate the value added of GWP on water solutions for food security and sustainable agriculture at their level and develop related concepts and fundraising approaches (up to 6 days of work indicatively)

3.     Deliverables and indicative detailed tasks and timeline

The key deliverables are as follows:

Delivery 1: Inception report. 20% of the total payment (3 weeks after the start of the contract)

Based on a desktop review and exchanges with key GWP staff, the report shall present initial findings as well as the updated detailed methodology for the assignment

Delivery 2: Technical report – Draft programme development. 45% of the total payment (8 weeks after the start of the contract)

Following approval of delivery 1 and based on further desktop review and interviews, as well as a collaborative process* with key GWP staff, the report shall present the additional potential key partners and relevant funding sources for GWP, as a contribution to the partnerships and resource mobilization strategy, the concept briefs developed and related concrete opportunities identified, the overview pitch document on water solutions for food security and sustainable agriculture, as well as an update on the progress of other activities planned for under the consultancy, including in particular the engagement on concrete opportunities for fundraising  and, if applicable, the support provided to regional and country water partnerships in positioning on resource mobilisation. It shall include all relevant material, minutes from meetings, etc. The intelligence and data generated should also input into GWP’s Partnership and Resource Mobilization databases and trackers.

*The collaborative process might include for example an online design workshop with GWP staff to co-develop the areas of intervention and project ideas in light of opportunities identified [note: the workshop may be in person if the consultant is in Stockholm at the time].

Delivery 3: Final report. 35% of total payment (15 weeks after the start of the contract)

Based on approval of delivery 3 by GWPO, after the necessary reviews to ensure full satisfaction, deliver the final report in English in Word format.

The report shall include a summary of tasks performed, findings and results achieved and recommendations going forward.  Related material generated through the consultancy shall be shared as annexes to the report, updated as needed, including concept briefs, opportunities identified, pre-proposals developed, minutes from meetings, outreach material, list of reference documents, etc.

4.     Time schedule

The assignment is expected to start on November 9th, 2020. The contract shall last approximately 15 weeks from the date of its signature to final delivery. 

5.     Qualifications, experience and skills

The individual or group of consultants should have as a minimum the following qualifications: 

Education: Advanced University degree in natural resources management, agriculture, sustainable development, or related fields


At least 15 years of practical experience in the development sector, with demonstrated experience in:

  • Water and food security
  • Fundraising and resource mobilisation

Proven track record of mobilizing resources, including through the creation of new partnerships and through writing of high quality and funded proposals.

Experience at the global level or in multiple regions


The consultant(s) must be fluent in English, both in writing and orally. Knowledge of French, Spanish, and/or other languages is an advantage. 

Good communicator(s) in writing and orally, with good organisation and analytical skills. Demonstrated analytical, communication, and writing skills is an advantage.

Knowledge of standard Microsoft Office processing tools is a must

6.     Evaluation criteria

The proposals received will be evaluated by a small committee within GWP based on the following criteria:

  1. Quality of the proposed approach and methodology (45%)
  2. Relevant qualifications and experience of the consultant(s) (40%)
  3. Value for money (15%)

7.     Budget

For the consultancy, an indicative amount of approx. 26,000 Euros is available. 

8.     Consultancy to be supervised by

  • Julienne Roux, Senior Network Specialist, GWP
  • Colin Herron, Global Coordinator, Water Solutions for the SDGs, GWP
  • In close collaboration with the Partnerships and Resource Mobilisation team of GWPO

9.     Location

The assignment will be home-based, with online meetings with the team. In-person meetings may be organized if the consultant is in Stockholm.

10.  How to apply

Candidates are requested to submit in their proposal:

  • CV(s) of consultant(s) for the assignment
  • An outline of the proposed approach to deliver on the assignment
  • The amount to be charged for the assignment in euros, based on a daily fee

11.  Deadline

Send proposals in English by Thursday October 15th, 2020, to