International consultant on enhanced data management for disaster and climate risk management

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Hanoi, Vietnam
Position Type: 
Organization Type: 
International Organization
Experience Level: 
10+ Years


Please note: this job post has expired! To the best of our knowledge, this job is no longer available and this page remains here for archival purposes only.

UNDP Vietnam is seeking for an international consultant on enhanced data management for disaster and climate risk management (with focus on insurance sector and Vietnamese Mekong Delta region).

The objective of this consultancy is to support Viet Nam Disaster Management Authority in developing a consolidated cloud-based disaster damage and loss database to support decision making with the focus on insurance sector (and Mekong Delta as a pilot region). 

The consultant will work closely with UNDP team members as well as with the relevant Government institutions. 

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The Consultant will be responsible for the following key tasks:  

1. Conduct a desk review of all key studies, research papers, disaster response and recovery plans and strategies developed (by GoV and other stakeholders) following major disaster events; 

2. Develop a consolidated table of all key recommendations related to disaster and climate change-related data management; 

3. Review existing national legislation and identify relevant articles and clauses related to data management;

4. Conduct a review of the existing national legislation on disaster-related insurance;

5. Conduct a comprehensive review of all existing disaster and climate change related databases (with MARD, MONRE and other sources); 

6. Consult with relevant stakeholders to agree on hazards of interests for which a risk transfer product is designed and agree on the administrative boundaries in which such a product is developed;

7. Conduct a review of existing databases that contain information about assets (buildings, infrastructure, economic assets, etc);

8. Consult with experts and/or insurance agencies including the Risk Finance Advisor based in BRH, as needed, to determine whether the existing data (reviewed in item 5 and 7 above) offer sufficient granularity, frequency, coverage of hazards and quality to be used in risk modelling for insurance product development;

9. Develop a summary of the availability and/or gaps in data needed for risk modeling for insurance product development.

10. Conduct a review of Mekong Delta Plan  and the Integrated Plan for Mekong Delta;

11. Liaise closely with relevant government institutions, as well as other UNDP Consultants to avoid overlaps, enhance partnerships between key technical departments and ministries and other key stakeholders (incl. writing and preparation of notes, presentations, briefs and other materials);

12. Facilitate collaboration with key development partners in Viet Nam (including NGOs, development partners, UN agencies), private sector, and other key technical agencies;

13. Coordinate all activities with Regional UNDP DRR Team in Bangkok;

14. Support organization and facilitation of a platform/coordination mechanism bringing together key stakeholders at the technical level to identify challenges (focusing on disaster insurance) and develop a joint vision/strategy on enhancing disaster & climate risk related data in the country; 

15. Design and lead the implementation of key events/workshops/consultations/trainings for Government counterpart and relevant stakeholders;  

16. Develop a detailed plan and TOR for the procurement of ICT services for the establishment of the database;

17. Provide technical support to VNDMA team and the ICT company in setting up the data system with appropriate functionalities (taking into account the needs of the insurance sector); 

18. Provide technical support for collection and entry of relevant data in line with the national regulations;

19. Support organization and facilitation of training workshops for stakeholders on the use of the database system (to be organized by UNDP in collaboration with VNDMA and ICT company)

20. Develop progress reports on monthly basis highlighting challenges, issues and way forward;

21. Lead the development of new concept notes, project proposal to be submitted to UNDP Viet Nam; 

22. Provide necessary inputs, do peer-reviews, and edits to project products/results; 

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  1. Good inter-personal skills, and ability to work in cross-cultural; initiative to work independently;
  2. Sound knowledge of disciplines relevant to development work, preferably in Viet Nam;
  3. Highly developed oral and written communications skills with excellent writing skills in English;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                For more information, kindly visit the following link:


  1. At least 10 years of experience in information management and/or database development, focusing on humanitarian/disaster related fields (ideally within the UN system);
  2. Solid knowledge of remote sensing, including application in disaster response/recovery interventions;
  3. Working experience with the UN system, preferably with UNDP is desired;
  4. Working experience in disaster/crisis response, preferably with the UN system;