Consultant (Mid-Term Review of project)

United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment)
Home-Based / Remote
Position Type: 
Organization Type: 
International Organization
Experience Level: 
10+ Years
Degree Required: 
Advanced Degree (Master's or JD)
Languages Required: 


Please note: this job post has expired! To the best of our knowledge, this job is no longer available and this page remains here for archival purposes only.

Result of Service

The evidence-based findings and recommendations of the Mid-Term Review conducted by the consultant guide the project’s revision and successful completion.

Work Location

Homebased with field visits


Expected duration

The Mid-Term review process will have a duration of 4 months, starting on 1 October 2020 and ending on 30 January 2021.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Support for sustainable sectors and sustainable development of watersheds in the South Haiti project, funded by the AFD, was initiated in January 2019 and will be ending in December 2021.
The project goal is to strengthen the socio-ecosystem management of the South Department of Haiti and the system of protected areas, by improving the management of watersheds through better water management and the fight against soil erosion, as well as by generating more income from activities, sustainable and diversified, for agricultural households.
The project objectives are to:
• Develop viable agricultural sectors for the products of agroforestry systems, in particular cocoa, in order to promote the development of these systems in watersheds and generate sustainable income for producers;
• Make the vetiver sector sustainable on the one hand in order to fight against the degradation of watersheds upstream of marine protected areas, and on the other hand to contribute to the increase and diversification of producer incomes;
The project will be achieved through three Components:
• Component 1- Support for the development of agroforestry through the development of
sustainable cocoa chain;
• Component 2- Protection of soil fertility and water management in vetiver production areas;
• Component 3- Program coordination and management

A Consultant is required to undertake a Mid-Term Review of the project. In line with the UN Environment Evaluation Policy and the UN Environment Programme Manual , the Mid-Term Review (MTR) is undertaken approximately half way through project implementation to analyze whether the project is on-track, what problems or challenges the project is encountering, and what corrective actions are required. The MTR will assess project performance to date (in terms of relevance, effectiveness and efficiency), and determine the likelihood of the project achieving its intended outcomes, including their sustainability.

Outputs/specific tasks

The key task of the Consultant will be to conduct a Mid-Term Review of the Support for sustainable sectors and sustainable development of watersheds in the South project in Haiti, using a participatory approach whereby key stakeholders are kept informed and consulted throughout the review process. Both quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods will be used as appropriate to determine project achievements against the expected outputs, outcomes and impacts.

The findings of the review will be based on the following:
(a) A desk review of:
• Relevant background documentation, inter alia
• Project document and appendices
• Project design documents (including minutes of the project design review meeting at approval); Annual Work Plans and Budgets or equivalent, revisions to the project (Project Document Supplement), the logical framework and its budget;
• Project reports such as six-monthly progress and financial reports, progress reports from collaborating partners, meeting minutes, relevant correspondence and including the Project Implementation Reviews and Tracking Tool etc.;
• Evaluations/Reviews of similar projects.

(b) Interviews (individual or in group) with:
• UN Environment/ Head of office Port-Salut;
• Project Coordinator
• Project technical team ;
• UN Environment Fund Management Officer (FMO)
• Project implementing partners and stakeholders.

(c) Field visits

(d) Other data collection tools, as needed and identified in the inception phase.
It is highly recommended that the consultant(s) maintains close communication with the project team and promotes information exchange throughout the review implementation phase in order to increase their (and other stakeholder) ownership of the review findings.

Based on the above description of the task, the Consultant will prepare the following outputs:
1. Inception Report containing a list of material and documentation submitted to the consultant for review, project stakeholder analysis, review framework and a tentative review schedule.
2. Preliminary Findings Note, typically, in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, the sharing of preliminary findings is intended to support the participation of the project team, act as a means to ensure all information sources have been accessed and provide an opportunity to verify emerging findings.
3. Draft and Final Review Reports containing an executive summary that can act as a stand-alone document; detailed analysis of the review findings organised by review criteria and supported with evidence; lessons learned and recommendations and an annotated ratings table.
4. Where relevant, the documents should include geo-referenced maps that demarcate the area covered by the project and, where possible, provide geo-reference photographs of key intervention sites (e.g. sites of habitat rehabilitation and protection, pollution treatment infrastructure, etc.).

Performance Indicators

1. Inception report provided
2. Preliminary findings report and/or PowerPoint presentation provided
3. Draft review report provided
4. Final review report provided, reflecting agreed comments and suggestions from the Task Manager and other stakeholders
5. Geo-referenced maps and photos provided

The Mid-Term review process will have a duration of 4 months, starting on 1 October 2020 and ending on 30 January 2021. The following schedule of deliverables is envisaged.

Milestone Indicative Timeframe

Inception Report: October 2020
Telephone interviews, surveys etc: . October-November 2020
Powerpoint/presentation on preliminary findings and recommendations: November 2020
Review Mission: November - December 2020
Draft report to the Project Coordinator: December 2020
Draft Report shared with the wider group of stakeholders: December 2020
Final Main Review Report: January 2021
Final Main Review Report shared with all respondents: January 2021

Qualifications/special skills

Academic Qualifications:
- An advanced university degree (masters) or equivalent professional experience in agricultural sciences, agricultural economy, environmental sciences or a related field.


• A minimum of 10 years of experience in environmental project management, including demonstrable experience in monitoring and evaluation and project reviews.
• Demonstrable experience in reporting, drafting end editing high quality analytical reports in English.
• Experience in protected areas management will be considered a significant asset.
• Prior experience working with AFD or UN projects will be considered a strong asset.
• Professional experience in a least developed country and/or fragile state considered an advantage.

Fluency in oral French and English and written English is required for this consultancy.


• Ability to work effectively and harmoniously with colleagues from varied cultures and professional backgrounds; strong interpersonal skills;
• Personal commitment, flexibility and drive for results;
• Analytical thinking, planning, organizing and problem-solving abilities; and
• Ability to work under tight time constraints.