WASH Consultant


Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

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Oxfam  in  Myanmar  is  working  with  local  organisations  to  reduce  poverty,  inequality  and  meet  the  humanitarian needs  of  850,000  people  across  Myanmar,  in  Kachin,  Rakhine,  Shan,  Ayeyarwaddy,  Mon,  Kayin,  Kayah,  and Yangon.  Humanitarian  response  is  central  to  Oxfam  in  Myanmar’s  work:  in  Kachin  and  Rakhine  States,  where hundreds of thousands of people have been displacedby conflict, Oxfam works with local and national Myanmar organisations to meet the humanitarian needs of affected people. Oxfam is providing emergency relief to over 150,000 people affected by conflict or the impact of disasters across Myanmar. Oxfam works with Government and non-governmental organisations to provide humanitarian assistance by building capacity of communities and local organisations to deliver emergency relief, and where there is no other way to meet humanitarian need, by delivering reliefdirectly to affected communities. In  Rakhine,  Oxfam  is  delivering  safe  water,  sanitation  and  livelihoods  supports  directly  to  people  displaced  by conflict  and  living  in  camps  and  host  communities.In  Kachin  Oxfam  works  with  local  and  national  partners,  to provide people displaced by conflict and living in humanitarian camps, with access to safe drinking water, sanitation and improved hygiene. We are also working with local organisations to provide food and cash assistanceand to help IDPs develop new skills for starting up small businesses. Oxfam’s  humanitarian  programmes  in  Myanmar  are  at  the  transition  stage  of  incorporating  markets-based approaches to WASH, focusing on the creation of sustainable WASH enterprises, and support to small andmedium size WASH enterprises to deliver safe and high-quality services to vulnerable populations.

According to that, Oxfam has planned to hire a consultant who can support the transition.

Purpose of the consultancy:

  •  To  provide  support  to  the  humanitarian  team  to  develop  a  new  strategy  for  WASH  programming  in  both humanitarian and development settings. This will include recommendations on staffing and structure
  • To  support  the  humanitarian  design  market-based  WASH  programmes  in  Kachin  and  Rakhine,  focused  on creating and supporting small and medium-sized WASHenterprises to be providers of high-quality, equitablypriced goods and services.
  • To  develop  models  for  demonstrating  how  to  link  WASH  enterprises  to  the  wider  market  system  and sustainable business models. It will also investigate possible models for supporting the resilience of informal market actors (critical to both WASH and food security/livelihoods) in chronically vulnerable areas.
  • To explorerequired resources and identification ofpotential country-level partnerships.
  • To provide support to WASH specific funding bids and opportunities such as the DFID WASH 2020 opportunity.

Scope of service by the Consultancy:

  • To consult with key WASH stakeholders in country including Oxfam team and partners to understand current WASH  needs  in  Myanmar  and  Oxfam’s  value  add  for  future  programming.  This  will  inform  a  new  WASH strategy for Oxfam in Mayanmar.
  • To develop a resource and staffing plan for the implementation of the new WASH strategy
  • To conduct assessments and consultation with Oxfamteam, partners and stakeholders to ensure the feasibility of supply and demand for WASH enterprise
  • To identify the most appropriate designs/ businessmodels of WASH enterprises applicable in the protracted humanitarian crisis like Kachin and Rakhine
  • To  develop business models for existing markets based WASH  intervention for scale-up, as  well as support proposal development as required.
  • To identify potential partnerships with institutes/organizations in country to provide ongoing support to Oxfam programmes on markets-based WASH programming in thefollowing topics: market research; WASH enterprise development; capacity  building  of WASH-related small &  medium  sized  enterprises (SMEs); development of business plans for sustainable WASH enterprises; training for Oxfam WASH staff  on enterprise support and development;
  • To identify potential partnerships with private sector partners critical to the WASH market chain development in humanitarian responses
  • To scope out funding opportunities for WASH programming and support fundraising for the new programme including the potential DFID 2020 bid.

Expected Outputs:

At the end of the consultancy, the consultant will produce the following outputs:

  • A  comprehensive  WASH  strategy  for   Oxfam  Myanmar,  which  incorporates  both  humanitarian  and transitional/development program strands;
  • Report with potential partnership models to provide market-related, private sector and governance support to Oxfam WASH programs;
  • Report on suggested WASH enterprise models for specified areas in Myanmar; Kachin and Rakhine, as well as the skill sets and formative research necessary to ;
  • Identify  WASH  funding  opportunities  and  support  the  CMT  on  the  development  of  funding  proposals  and concept notes;

Time frame and Conditions:

  • The consultant will have to develop planning and time frame for the whole scope of services but should not exceed more than 120 days for the whole contract period –1 January to 30 June 2017.
  • He or she will have to travel according to the analysis plan. The cost of travel will be incurred by  Oxfam for program related context.

Required skills and experiences of Consultant:

  • First degree or postgraduate diploma in Public Health Engineering (Water & sanitation); orsimilar. .Experience can substitute qualifications, but not vice versa
  • Minimum  of  4  years  of  practical  experience  in  developing  countries  in  Water,  Hygiene  and  Sanitation programmes (with at least 1 year in humanitarian context).
  • Demonstrated experience of integrating gender and inclusion needs into WASH programming.
  • Diplomacy, tact, cultural sensitivity and strong negotiating skills to work with both governmental representatives and local beneficiaries
  • Strong communication skills including excellent oral and excellent written English communication skills

How to apply and Submission of Expression of Interest: Oxfam invites Expression of Interest (EOI) from consultants with experience and skills described above. The EOI must include:

  • An expression of interest outlining a short plan including estimated number of days and total fee forcompletion of the assignment.
  • A copy of the CV

Interested  organisation  /  individual  should  send  their  proposal  to  Oxfam  Myanmar  not  later  than  5:00  PM of  9th January 2017 to: Human Resources Department by email [email protected] (OR) No 34, Corner of Aung Taw Mu Lane and Golden Hill Avenue Rd, Golden Valley Ward. Bahan Township. Yangon. Myanmar