Environmental Protection Specialist (2)

Washington, DC, US

Job Summary:
The individual serves in the Inspection and Enforcement Branch, Watershed Protection Division, Natural Resources Administration, Department of Energy and Environment.  The mission of the Watershed Protection Division is to conserve the soil and water resources of the District of Columbia and protect its watersheds from nonpoint source pollution. The incumbent serves as an environmental protection specialist and as a member of a multi-media inspection team with responsibilities for ensuring compliance with the environmental laws and regulations of the District of Columbia. The position involves the inspection and monitoring of land-disturbing activities for erosion control at construction sites as well as the proper construction of stormwater best management practices (BMPs) to ensure compliance with the District of Columbia soil erosion and sedimentation control and stormwater management laws and regulations.  Additional responsibilities will include inspecting BMPs for proper maintenance such as green roofs, bio-retention cells, green walls, tree boxes, and stormwater harvest reuse systems, as well as traditional stormwater practices such as sand filters and stormwater filtering systems.  The work also involves resolving citizen drainage complaints.  Experience in the construction and maintenance of green infrastructure designed to treat stormwater and certification courses in erosion/sediment control and/or stormwater management is a plus.  The selected individual also prepares and maintains in an organized manner reports, documents, and related inspection and performance records of facilities inspected.  In addition, the individual processes a wide range of enforcement actions.  The principal duties are performed in a field condition that may include exposure to adverse weather conditions and working on roofs and in confined spaces.  Some work is performed in an office setting.  A valid driver’s license is required.
Collective Bargaining Unit (Union): 
This position is in the collective bargaining unit represented by AFGE Local 2725 and you may be required to pay an agency service fee through direct payroll deduction.
Duration of Appointment: 
Career Term Service – (Not to exceed 13 months)
Vacancy: Two (2)
Knowledge of the principles, concepts, practices, methods, and techniques related to the assigned environmental or natural resource program, including specialized knowledge of one or more of the environmental sciences or related fields (for example, biology, ecology, urban forestry, chemistry, radiation physics, geology, soils science, hydrogeology, hydrology, limnology, environmental policy, environmental engineering, real property functions, statistics, environmental law, environmental economics, or environmental or natural resources education) sufficient to perform the full range of duties involved and to apply new developments and theories to major problems not susceptible to treatment by accepted methods.

Knowledge of related fields such as health sciences, occupational health and safety, toxicology, and environmental epidemiology, especially the effects and impacts of pollution on the environment and people, for judging the seriousness of violations and determining the best method of correcting violations and / or cleaning up contaminated sites.

Knowledge of District and federal environmental and natural resource laws and regulations, documentation and reporting requirements, and lawmaking and rulemaking processes related to the appropriate environmental or natural resource specialty.

Knowledge and skill in using accepted practices, technology, and methods in the development of environmental and natural resource management and restoration practices, regulatory guidance, compliance assurance and enforcement activities, and public education and outreach activities.

Ability to provide factual information concerning natural resources or environmental quality in on-site inspections, analysis of results, and development of conclusions and recommendations.

Ability to work on a team in a planned and coordinated effort.

Knowledge of effective oral and written communication.

Ability to employ accepted methods in collecting and storing samples, calibrating equipment, reviewing and processing licenses, permits, etc.
Licensures, Certifications and other requirements:
Incumbent is required to possess a valid driver’s license.

May be subject to criminal background and traffic record checks, as well as random drug and alcohol testing.

May be required to provide 24-hour standby coverage in the event of an environmental emergency.

May be subject to medical and surveillance program designation due to potential exposure to hazardous environments.
Education & Work Experience:
Bachelor’s Degree in area related to program supported AND at least one to three (1-3) years of relevant training and work experience that demonstrate equivalent to the CS-09 grade level in the District of Columbia government service.
Work Environment:
Work is performed in an office setting and field environment. During inspections and / or investigations, there is exposure to potential as well as known toxic or hazardous chemicals in industrial situations where environmental conditions cannot be controlled.