Market Based Sanitation/Sales and Marketing Consultant (PRO-WASH)

Save the Children

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Scope of Work (SOW)

Consultant Title: Market Based Sanitation/Sales and Marketing

Location: Remote/Home Based

Period of Engagement: Up to 30 days

Project Description

PRO-WASH (Practices, Research and Operations in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) is a five-year project led by Save the Children and funded by the USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA). PRO-WASH works with partners to strengthen the quality, effectiveness and sustainability of WASH practices in BHA-funded development and emergency food security activities. Specifically, this includes developing and delivering remote and in person training opportunities, identifying, adapting, creating and disseminating capacity building tools and technical guides based on best practices and evidence, and promoting cross-program learning through promoting or hosting knowledge sharing events and webinars and distributing newsletters and learning briefs.

The main purpose of this consultancy is to work closely with the PRO-WASH team to continue providing remote technical support to PRO-WASH (globally) and partners in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burkina Faso to strengthen their market based sanitation activities. This consultancy is up to an estimated 30 working days over the next six months.  No travel is anticipated under this consultancy.

Description of the projects

The retained consultant will provide technical support to three main projects:


As part of the capacity strengthening work, PRO-WASH recently worked with consultants to develop a training manual on market-based sanitation, based on forthcoming UNICEF guidance and resources developed by USAID WASHPaLS and other partners.  Under this consultancy, the consultant would review the sales and marketing section of this training manual, add additional examples, provide additional tools, templates and terms of references. While this training was originally designed as an in-person face-to-face training, the consultant would be asked to also provide tools, exercises, and suggestions of how to provide sales and marketing training remotely to partners.


The USAID BHA funded Catholic Relief Services led Budikadidi project, meaning self-sufficiency in Tshiluba, aims to improve food security and nutrition through an evidence-based, locally appropriate package of interventions that builds local capacity, strengthens service-delivery systems and increases accountability, and reduces structural, cultural and gender-based barriers to change. This project is being implemented in the Kasaï Oriental province, Democratic Republic of Congo. While the percentage of households practicing open defecation has reduced from 63% at baseline to 32% at midline, there are still challenges around the sanitation marketing activities, namely the uptake of sales and tracking sales monitoring data. Budikadidi began selling a locally-produced slab priced at $7 USD. After hearing from consumers that the price was still too high for them to produce, Budikadidi reduced the price to $4 USD, however, this is still perceived as a high price. The other issue was that masons did not have the skills needed to market and sell the new slabs once produced. The team worked with a number of masons, but their sales skills still remain relatively low and are a barrier to households deciding whether or not to invest in a new slab. In addition, masons lack the ability to purchase cement and produce the slabs for selling. In response, 18 entrepreneurs worked with the Budikadidi value chain team and the masons to market the slabs. However this also does not seem to be increasing sales. While some increased demand for the water purification tablets among community members has been seen as a result of the Budikadidi WASH promotion activities, it is challenging to motivate vendors to source and promote the sales of water purification tabs. Under this consultancy, the consultant would provide targeted support to Budikadidi to better understand consumer population, household decision-making around WASH and how best to adapt the marketing strategy to improve uptake of both slabs and purification tablets, either through training for masons, targeted outreach or a small-scale subsidy.


Victory Against Malnutrition Plus (ViMPlus) Activity is a five year USAID BHA funded food security activity in Centre Nord, Burkina Faso. ViMPlus just finished its first year, focused on formative research and is starting full project implementation. As part of this formative research year, they recently completed a WASH market assessments to better understand the operating context, identify consumers’ perceptions, and to serve as a basis for a sanitation strategy that aims to address open defecation through CLTS and sanitation marketing activities. Technical support that would be provided to the VimPlus team would include: a) identifying gaps in information need to finalize a sanitation marketing strategy; b) supporting (remotely) the staff to collect this information; c) supporting the team to develop a sanitation marketing strategy and capacity building plan; d) building sales and marketing skills of Wash products traditional distributors in village level; e) support ViMPlus team in monitoring and evaluation of sanitation marketing strategy implementation; and f) share with ViMPlus team experiences from other countries on sanitation marketing, particularly in emergency/insecurity contexts.

Under the overall guidance of PRO-WASH, the key tasks for this consultancy include the following:

Deliverables with timeline specified for each deliverable:

1.     Conduct a diagnostic by reviewing reports/studies and holding calls with PRO-WASH, Budikadidi and ViMPlus to identify main priorities for technical support and develop a short inception report and workplan based on the findings  —estimated 3-4 days 

2.     Support the collection of additional information to build on existing market assessment and support the development of a market based sanitation strategy for VimPlus estimated 5-6 days

3.     Provide targeted support to Budikadidi and ViMplus to better understand consumer population, household decision-making around WASH and how best to improve uptake of both slabs and purification tablets, either through training for masons, targeted outreach or a small-scale subsidy. estimated 5-6 days

4.     Review the PRO-WASH sales and marketing lesson plan and provide detailed comments, examples, and additional resources, in particular for remote training –estimated 3-4 days

5.     Prepare and conduct a short remote training on the basics of sanitation sales and marketing principles for ViMPlus and Budikadidi –estimated 4-5 days

6.     Develop a draft learning note documenting the market based sanitation experience of both partners, conducted prior to and during this consultancy –estimated 3 days

7.     Additional technical support may be required as needed-estimated 2 days

Required Qualifications

The candidate should have the following profile:

  • Speak French Fluently. English is desirable.
  • Degree in relevant field (marketing, business development, finance etc.).
  • Strong background and experience in sales and marketing, ideally in sanitation or in other social enterprises
  • At least 5 years of relevant work experience in West and/or Central Africa
  • Familiarity with sanitation business models, product design, microfinance and/or financial product development strongly preferred, not required


Only individual consultants will be considered for this opportunity. Individuals should submit their: CV and a cover letter that includes a) dates of availability b) links to examples of previous work similar to this announcement c)  contact information of three professional references and d) daily rate. A biodata form may be asked of the successful candidate in order to verify daily rates.

Deadline to apply: Friday, September 11 by 5 PM EST

Please submit all documents to PRO-WASH at [email protected] .