U.K. nationals: Policy Lead (Environment)

Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

London, , GB


Focus of the Role
Renewing the Centre is the UK-focused policy unit of the Policy Futures team at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change. Our 13-strong team produces, commissions and curates high-quality empirical analysis with a view to developing a radical but practical policy platform to renew the progressive centre ground of politics. With a primary focus on the UK, our aim is to develop an exciting, positive agenda for change to improve people’s lives and strengthen liberal democracy against a rising tide of angry populism.

The UK government has legislated for a target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 – the first major country to do so. But how can this be achieved, and how can we build and sustain political support for policy action over the long term?

Getting to net-zero will require profound shifts in our economy and way of life. Such a transformation will come with opportunities and threats. Depending on how it is handled, it could improve our quality of life and create new business and employment opportunities; or it could impose politically unsustainable economic and social costs and further fracture our already divided politics. It is therefore vital that policy design takes account of these opportunities and threats.

In addition, with the UK hosting the COP26 talks in 2021, there is an opportunity for a post-Brexit ‘Global Britain’ to show real international leadership in devising workable climate change policy.

These are among the questions that the Policy Lead on Environment and Sustainability will address.

To apply, please send your CV, an example of past work, and a covering letter setting out how you meet the person specification

Job Introduction
We are looking to hire an exceptional candidate to work on environment and sustainability policy at Renewing the Centre. Working closely with the Executive Director and the Head of Skills, Sustainability and Industrial Strategy you will play a leading role in the development of an evidence-based narrative and policy agenda for how the UK can reach net zero emissions by 2050. We’re looking for your incisive and considered analysis to develop a sophisticated diagnosis of the challenges, and bold ideas to produce radical but credible policy responses.

As the Policy Lead on Environment and Sustainability you will have strong experience of policymaking or analysis relevant to this role.

An experienced policy analyst, you will be adept at producing quantitative analysis to guide and justify your policy prescriptions. You will combine a sound grasp of the economic issues and policy detail, giving you credibility with external stakeholders, with a clear sense of the big picture necessary to motivate an exciting centrist political agenda that resonates with voters.

Close attention to detail and a commitment to excellence will be hallmarks of your work and, as an excellent communicator, you will be adept at conveying complex policy and analysis, as well as its implications, to a wide audience including politicians and the media.

You will also be an agile and supportive team player, capable of working with colleagues across Policy Futures, and TBI more broadly, to bring policy knowledge and analytical skills to augment the wider work of the Institute.

A core aspect of the role involves building relationships with a network of stakeholders across the worlds of policy, politics, the media and academia, both to inform internal thinking and to propagate the resulting policy proposals and maximise their impact. Superb interpersonal skills are therefore a key part of the role, and we are looking for a compassionate and committed individual to build influential networks of stakeholders to support our work.