Postdoctoral research positions: Assessing the effect of rainfall-runoff model parametrization on climate change impact evaluation via EURAXESS

Slovak University of Technology

Bratislava, , SK

Assessing the effect of rainfall-runoff model parametrization on climate change impact evaluation (mentor: prof. Ing. Silvia Kohnová, PhD., Faculty of Civil Engineering, STU Bratislava, silvia.kohnova[@]

Changes in the hydrological regime and runoff conditions caused by land use and climate change are currently one of the main sources of uncertainty in water management. They can manifest themselves in a decrease of water resources, in the runoff regime change, in an increase of floods and droughts, as well as a change in the snowpack.

The scientific goal of the postdoctoral research project will be the development of a differentiated approach to assessing the potential impact of climate change and land use on the hydrological regime of extremes in selected regions of Slovakia. Specific research will focus on the development of physically-based and conceptual schemes of processes parameterization in hydrological rainfall-runoff models to simulate the runoff extremes, especially in small and mid-sized catchments. Parameterization schemes for simulating of individual phases of runoff and erosion processes will also be developed, taking into account the land-use change and management of the landscape. Based on testing and validation of developed schemes on data from experimental river basins, land use and management practices will be assessed, and scientifically based measures to reduce the negative impacts of runoff extremes and erosion processes in small river basins will be proposed.

The applicant is required to complete a PhD. study in the field of water management engineering or a related field, and have experience in rainfall-runoff and erosion processes modelling. The candidate is also required to have at least one publication in a peer-reviewed journal (WOS, SCOPUS), knowledge of English at an excellent level and the ability to work in an international team.