Canada nationals: Manager (Water Research and Studies)

Government of the Northwest Territories

Yellowknife, NT, CA

Department Information

Environment and Natural Resources actively collaborates to protect, manage and restore ecosystem health, promote environmental stewardship and support the wise use of natural resources for the benefit of ecosystems, which include the people of the Northwest Territories.

Job Information

This position is responsible for leading the activities of the Water Research and Studies section of the Water Management and Monitoring division within the Department.

You will:

– Lead the collection and compilation of information about the aquatic environment in the Northwest Territories (NWT)

– Conduct periodical technical reviews of applications for water use and waste disposal made under applicable Federal and Territorial Legislation in the NWT.

– Participate as a departmental expert at public hearings as required.

– Upon the issuance of licenses, conduct the review of reports to determine if they are scientifically sound and if the conditions of licenses are being met.

– Act as the scientific and technical lead with respect to ongoing transboundary water negotiations, as well as the National water quality and quantity agreements.

Overall, you will act as a Senior Hydrologist and Aquatic Quality Scientist for the department. You will also be responsible for managing staff, setting work plans and priorities, assigning responsibility for specific tasks and/or projects and providing feedback to staff on their assignments.


– Comprehensive knowledge of diverse elements of environmental science and the application of knowledge in a range of physical science disciplines including water chemistry, hydrology, biochemistry, geology, aquatic biology and ecology.

– Knowledge of Federal and Territorial legislation relevant to northern water management.

– Knowledge of Aboriginal land claim agreements in the context of northern water management.

– Comprehensive knowledge of environmental monitoring and a familiarity with biological and chemical analytical techniques (including quality control and assurance programs), qualitative and quantitative analysis, and research report interpretation.

– Knowledge of technical and plain language report writing methods, practices and standards to produce detailed scientific study/survey reports in the field of hydrology and water quality.

– Knowledge of master and bilateral agreements (NWT/Alberta, NWT/Saskatchewan, NWT/Yukon, NWT/British Columbia, BC/Alberta) and other similar transboundary agreements.

– Knowledge of various industrial and municipal water handling processes in a wide range of applications (e.g. diamond mines) in order to identify potential effects of the operations on the aquatic environment.

– Knowledge of arctic survival, transportation of dangerous goods, first aid, firearms, remote communications, equipment repair and navigation techniques are required to safely carry out water quantity and quality field programs.

– Knowledge of computer systems and various commercial software applications including specialty software such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), statistics packages, graphics and spreadsheets and various databases and word processors to generate reports.

Typically, the above qualifications would be attained by: 
A Master’s degree in geography, environmental or resource management, or interdisciplinary environmental sciences and at least five (5) years progressive relevant experience in water stewardship, including governance matters and experience in a cross-cultural environment.

GNWT Inquiries

Inquiries Only:
Department of Finance
Government of the Northwest Territories
Tel (867) 767-9154 Extension 14106
[email protected]

Note: If you do not receive electronic notification confirming receipt of your application, please follow up via telephone.





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