Environmental Resources Analyst

West Virginia Division of Environmental Protection

Kanawha County, WV, US

Nature of Work

Division of Environmental Protection (DEP)/ Division of Water and Waste Management/ Groundwater/UIC Program/ Water Use, Kanawha County –Employee will be assigned to the Division of Water and Waste Management, Water Use Section under administrative direction of the Water Use Section Program Manager, employee will implement all aspects of water management plans required by CSR 35-08. Will develop, refine and/or recommend withdrawl thresholds and policy for regulated and unregulated waters. Will review plan applications, will meet with companies in water planning, will conduct presentations, training and seminars in water withdrawls. Will develop and/or maintain a database of all current and past water withdrawl activities pursuant to CSR 35-08. Will initiate and oversee, in-house or by contract, development of a web based geographic information system (GIS) for public and industry access to tools and information to assist them with data research. Development and implementation of their water management plans. Will receive, process and approve notifications of withdrawl commencement from drilling companies. Will work closely with the Office of Oil and Gas (OOG) to timely review and/or see modifications to water management plans. Will develop/maintain impingement and entrainment guidelines. EMployee will coordinate the installation fo staff gages and stream gages witht the U.S. Geological Survey, interested companies and the DEP. Along with the OOG, will investigate complaints related to water withdrawl activities. Will prepare reports of finding and make recommendation for enforcement actions. In cooperation with OOG will conduct periodic inspections of withdrawl locations to determine compliance with water management plan requirements. Employee will field calls from industry and public related to all aspects of the water withdrawl plans. Will woordinate water withdrawl activities and processes with other involved agencies (DNR, ORSANCO, DSHEM, USF&W, ACOE, ETC.) Employee will keep abreast of the latest science and developments affecting protective water withdrawl thresholds. Will, when possible, aquire drill logd, geophysical logs and other related records pertaining to groundwater conditions at the withdrawl and/or drilling location)s) in order to develop and/or maintain a database of the data collected. Will assist with continued development and implementation of the WV Water Management Plan in accordance with the Water Resources Protection Management Act (WV CODE 22-26), including but not limited to research, analysis and interpretation of scientific and technical data, technical writing and execution of the resultant recommendations. Employee will perform other duties as assigned and/or required.

***Employee will be cross-trained and will perform other duties as assigned, based on the workload of the Water Use and Stormwater permitting groups, both of which are under the supervision of the same program manager. Special requirements” Must be capable of communicating to a wide range of audiences, both orally and in writing. Must have a valid driver’s license, be capable of carrying field equipment weighing up to 25 pounds over rugged terrain. Periodic overnight travel is required.

Note: The recommended candidate will be subject to a search of his or her motor vehicle record (MVR) prior to being hired.

Note: Regular attendance is an essential part of the position.

Note: Qualifying applicants will be required to complete an internet based profile assessment to compare the applicant’s thinking and reasoning skills, behavioral traits and the occupational interests against the traits determined to be important to the posted position.

Note: To be considered for this position, applicant must have permanet civil service status (this includes reinstatements) and meet the minimum requirements, or be within the top ten percent of the Division of Personnel competative register for this job classification.

Click The APPLY Link To Apply Online.  Do not use a paper application unless you cannot apply online. If you must use a paper application due to disability or other valid reason, please call our office 304-558-3950 (8:30 AM – 4:30 PM) for special instructions. 

IMPORTANT: Your eligible score will be based on information provided in your application; therefore, make sure your application is detailed and complete. You may attach a resume and other documents; however, you should NEVER enter “See Resume” on the application. You MUST complete ALL parts of the application, including the Work Experience section.
ATTENTION: Applicant MUST VERIFY POST-HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION (DIPLOMAS, DEGREES, etc.), TRAINING, or LICENSURE EARNED pertaining to this position BY THE CLOSING DATE OF THE POSTING, if not previously verified. It may ONLY be in the form of a copy of an OFFICIAL transcript or diploma. If you are claiming Veteran’s preference, please submit “MEMBER 4” form and/or your VA Letter. DOCUMENTATION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE CLOSING DATE and you will not be considered for this vacancy.  Please attach documents to the online application before submitting it. Or, you may email it to: [email protected] or by FAX to 304-957-0396, or by mail to: WV Division of Personnel, 1900 Kanawha Blvd. E., Building 3, Suite 500, Charleston, WV 25305.
This announcement is for one or more specific vacancies and only applies to the location(s) indicated.  Your application will remain active for this job for 180 days or until the job is filled.  Application for this job does not automatically qualify you for other positions. Be sure to submit your application for each position of interest.  To receive an email notice anytime jobs in this or other categories are posted, you may choose to complete a Job Interest Card from the slide-out menu located at the top left of our Job Opportunities page.
As a condition of employment, an inquiry into job-related information will be completed which may include, but not limited to, criminal records, abuse registry records, driving records, employment history, and education and training.  Failing to cooperate with this process, providing false or incomplete information, and/or discovery of disqualifying information may result in denial of or dismissal from employment or denial of transfer irrespective of when discovered.

Minimum Qualifications

Training:  Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited four-year college or university with a major in chemistry, physics, geography, geology, biology, engineering, environmental studies, or natural science.

Substitution:  Associate’s degree in the required fields above with a bachelor’s degree in an unrelated field may substitute for the specified Bachelor’s degree above.

Experience:  Six years of full-time or equivalent part-time paid professional experience in the acquisition, preservation, protection and enhancement of environmental resources, or in environmental protection, or in an agency specific area related to environmental impact.

Substitution:  Master’s degree from a regionally accredited four-year college or university with a major in chemistry, physics, geography, geology, biology, engineering, environmental studies, or natural science may be substituted for one year of the required experience.