PhD Student: Water Microbiology via EURAXESS

University of Barcelona

Barcelona, , ES

The Consolidated Research Group on Health-Related Water Microbiology (MARS) is looking for a student with high grades to be able to obtain a scholarship to develop her/his PhD within the funded project:

“Microplastics as a Trojan Horse of Pathogens and Antimicrobial Resistances – BACT & PLAST”

Our research group has a long history in waterborne diseases, management of fecal pollution of the aquatic environment and transmission of antibiotic resistance. In this project we will study whether microplastics can act as vectors of fecal pathogens and can act as a hotspot for the horizontal transmission of antibiotic resistance. The project includes a combination of techniques:

i) microbial communities will be analyzed using massive sequencing techniques to understand how the biofilm is formed,

ii) qPCR to quantify the presence of antibiotic resistance genes,

iii) culture techniques will be used to detect the presence of indicators of fecal contamination and possible fish pathogens, and finally

iv) characterize the nature of microplastics in collaboration with the Marine Biosciences Research Group.