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Company Description

SNV is dedicated to a society where all people enjoy the freedom to pursue their own sustainable development. Our global team of local and international advisors works with local partners to equip communities, businesses and organisations with the tools, knowledge and connections they need to increase their incomes and gain access to basic services.

In Indonesia, SNV works together with local partners to provide technical expertise in two sectors: Agriculture and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). For the WASH sector, SNV is focused on increasing access to safely managed sanitation and in sustaining positive changes in hygiene behaviour, by providing scalable, market driven solutions tailored to rural and urban contexts.


Hygiene Promotion and Behaviour Change in the COVID19 pandemic situation

Since the first case of COVID19 was identified in Indonesia on March 2nd, 2020, both national and local governments have taken many actions to inform the citizens and prevent the pandemic from spreading in country. Despite these efforts, many challenges persist, especially for the poorest urban populations in Java, whose living arrangements limit compliance with social distancing and whose livelihoods cannot be kept through Working from Home arrangements. These are also the populations that struggle the most to observe ideal hygiene behaviours, due to limited access to water, soap and proper sanitation facilities and to an overall lack of awareness/misinformation on safe behaviours. These populations are also the ones that rely the most on traditional market places, public transport hubs and community level health facilities, and whose children will likely be returning soon to public schools.

Also the areas of Central and East Lombok that have long held the tradition of providing labourers to the most affluent areas of Bali and Java, face specific challenges. These are predominantly female domestic workers and cleaners in all sorts of businesses, including hotel chains. The mobility of these female workers between their places of work and their home villages is high, given that many leave their children behind with grandparents or other relatives and thus visit as often as possible. These populations are therefore at a higher risk of infection, a risk that is further heightened for women and girls (the primary care takers in the household), for the elder and for people with disabilities.

To support the Government in addressing these challenges, SNV Indonesia has designed an intervention aiming to:

  • Increase knowledge, motivation and self-efficacy for practice of handwashing and environmental cleanliness for targeted populations
  • Adapt and validate messages and doable actions that can be replicated by partners (local governments, local CSOs, rights holders groups, youth groups) and shared with provincial and national governments, for wider impact


Job Description

SNV intends to hire a WASH in Schools Advisor to lead the design, implementation and monitoring of the hygiene promotional activities to prevent the spread of COVID19 targeting schools (school community and children). The Advisor will support the set up, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the COVID19 hygiene and behavior change promotion project by leading activities targeting schools, in close coordination with the Hygiene Promotion and Behaviour Change Advisor and the WASH Governance Advisor and under the supervision of the Project Manager; and in consultation with the project partners assigned to disability inclusion issues, the digital strategist and the behaviour centred design partner.

The Advisor is part of a SNV Country Organisation and works at project level within a country on development projects in the WASH Sector. The Advisor is specialised in the WASH sector and provides technical insights and advisory services on products and interventions to projects. The Advisor gives input to Project Manager and project partners in order to meet the agreed objectives and realise successful interventions. The Advisor identifies opportunities and areas for improvement, to ensure quality delivery.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Advisory Services. Highest possible level of quality and disability-inclusive WASH in Schools hygiene promotion and behaviour change design, implementation, and monitoring framework is reached. Project is supported by given advise in WASH in Schools-related topics.

  2. Knowledge Development. Active engagement and contribution to local level activities and SNV-led trainings, team coordination meetings, reports and other relevant initiatives for the successful implementation of the project, including communication and coordination with external networks, including HBCC partners in country.

  3. Project and process development. Locally suitable, gender-sensitive, and disability-inclusive hygiene promotion and behaviour change activities and communication materials to prevent COVID-19 spread in targeted schools are developed, tested, timely & with high quality implemented, and continuously improved.

    HWS demo at schools are used, maintained, and scaling up plan is advocated.

    Regular coordination and consultations with local government, including District/City Education Office and COVID-19 Task Force, and relevant local partners is conducted & timely reported in line with the approved work plans.

  4. People Management. SNV team and local facilitators are coached, supervised, qualified and motivated.

  5. Positioning. Opportunities with international and national partners, including HBCC partners are timely identified, threats are timely recognised, and timely reported to or addressed upon Project Manager’s request.

  6. Business Development. SNV is known as trusted development partner by relevant stakeholders at national and local levels, including HBCC programme partners in country.

Key Deliverables:

  1. For baseline, midterm and endline reports: analysis report writing based on collected data at the schools level
  2. Formative and creative development research for schools context completed, including adaptation/creation of communication materials
  3. Communication campaign implemented in the targeted locations, in the targeted schools, with input from partners and approval of LG counterparts; challenges in implementation identified and adjusted timely
  4. Demo hand washing stations in schools properly used and advocacy conducted to LGs for scale up of investment
  5. Assigned local facilitators supervised, with activities and reports timely delivered
  6. Trainings and coaching sessions provided to local facilitators as needed, in accordance with workplans
  7. Contribution/participation/input into team coordination meetings, trainings, international and national partners management and other HBCC partners coordination provided as requested by project manager.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in a relevant area, eg. Public Health, Environmental Engineering, or Education
  2. 4-5 years’ related work experience in Advisory position for WASH in Schools, including specific experience with hygiene promotion/behaviour change work, training of teachers/schoolmasters, engagement of children and parents, and advocacy/coordination work with local governments and in delivering complex assignments on time and with quality.
  3. Experience with conducting WASH promotion interventions in schools, related approaches, methods and tools; paying attention to the specific needs of girls and children with disabilities
  4. Experience in supporting tailor communication strategies and materials to the profile of children with different profiles, backgrounds and ages
  5. Ability to provide WASH in Schools guidance to local government counterparts through evidence based advocacy/technical advice/coaching/troubleshooting, etc
  6. Knowledge of the WASH in school policies, programmes, budgeting and regulations and key challenges for quality, gender sensitive and inclusive interventions in schools
  7. Demonstrated expertise in working with Local Government counterparts, civil society organisations and other local actors in Indonesia
  8. Good management skills, including activities and budgets planning, review, delivery, monitoring, evaluation,
  9. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including the ability to successfully listen to, interact with, and communicate clearly with people from diverse nationalities and backgrounds.
  10. Excellent computer skills: MS Word, Excel, Power Point, graphic design (preferential)
  11. Experience in digital outreach strategies is an added value
  12. Indonesian native speaker, fluent in English (writing and speaking)

Additional Information

COVID19 safety measures

All work will be conducted in strict compliance with Government’s guidelines and orientations for COVID19 management. No field or domestic travelling will take place unless it is deemed safe to do so, and when allowed it will  in accordance with official regulations. SNV considers the safety of its staff, local counterparts and communities of the utmost importance and it will continuously monitor the situation, and adjust the planned intervention accordingly.

How to Apply:
If you believe that your credentials meet the outlined profile, we invite you to apply by uploading your CV (not more than 3 page) with motivation letter (not more than 1 page) by clicking on the “I’m interested” button before 19 August 2020




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