WASH Project Manager

Tikrit, , IQ

Entry into function01/02/2017
DeadlineAs soon as possible
Professional fieldWASH
LocationTikrit, Iraq
General conditionsSwiss salaried contract 3’181 CHF (~2’766 €) < > 4’735 CHF (~4’118 €) net /month according to experience x 13, Holidays: 25 days per year. Local accommodation and transportation, Health insurance, accident and medical repatriation insurance, return flight. Duration : 4 months
General descriptionThe WASH Project Manager is in charge of the development of the intervention strategy and ensures the smooth running of the WASH project in Tikrit (Iraq) of assignment in line with Tdh policies (strategic plan, theme, way of working) and national intervention strategies in order to achieve the results expected within the framework of the project(s): S/he ensures the planning, execution, monitoring and financial management of the project and the human resources. S/he is based in Tikrit (Iraq). S/he is responsible for supervising and training his/her field teams. S/he ensures decisions and actions are taken in his/her area of intervention and deals with them independently on a daily basis in consultation with the sector coordinator and the Country Representative. S/he ensures that the outcomes of the project(s) s/he is in charge of are achieved. S/he also acts as the link / the synergy between the project for which s/he is authorized and the other projects developed within the delegation. S/he builds up the expertise in his/her field of intervention. If a sector coordinator is in office in his/her intervention country, s/he works very closely and in consultation with the coordinator and his/her counterpart project manager in another zone. S/he collaborates and coordinates with the DI (for emergencies) and the thematic advisors at headquarters to develop and validate the thematic strategy in line with the Tdh strategic commitments.
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  Main responsibilities :

Line Management and Human Resources Management:

  • Daily supervision of WASH teams in Tikrit;
  • Participates in WASH team recruitment and revision of job descriptions;
  • Ensures the whole team has a clear understanding of the Tdh mandate and project in  Salah Ad din governorate;
  • Lead and manage staff, encouraging effective team work and providing supervision and guidance, including regular and constructive feedback;
  • Reports incidents and difficulties encountered with any staff members to the Field Cooridnator;
  • Organises and leads weekly team meetings and provides weekly program update and movement plan to the Field Coordinator.

Project Management:

  • Develop, implement and monitors the WASH projects in Salah Ad din governorates, in accordance with multiple objectives, activities and targets outlined within current donor proposals and in line with projects’ budgets;
  • Ensure that activities are appropriately monitored and evaluated and proposes, and amendments to WASH strategy, under the supervision of the Program Coordinator;
  • Conduct initial and regular assessments of the WASH projects with the Kobotoolbox tools and activities outcomes according to the M&E plan.

Project Strategy and planning:

  • In collaboration with the Program Coordinator, participates in designing strategies and objectives for improved support to beneficiaries and contribute actively in its monitoring, evaluation and revision;
  • Participates in WASH capitalization, lessons learn and handover report;
  • Participates in the review of the strategy for Tdh in Iraq if requested.


  • Oversees the implementation of the database tools;
  • Ensures correct data protection procedures and filing.

Budget Management:

  • Budget holder of the Wash budget;
  • Forecasts and follows up on expenditures related to the WASH projects;
  • Participates in budget revision exercises;
  • Prepares timely purchase requests in line with the WASH needs;
  • Supports required actions by the administration related to WASH team management and supervision;
  • Identifies logistic and admin support needs related to the WASH project in Salah Ad din governorate and communicates these to the Field Coordinator and relevant log/admin support person.

Technical competences:

  • Experience in water quality testing protocol;
  • Knowledge of water treatment plants;
  • Ability to determine sanitation strategy in urban contexts;
  • Knowledge in civil engineering and ability to do BoQs for sanitation facilities such as latrines and showers;
  • Experience in mass hygiene sensitization.

Capacity building:

  • Coordinates the capacity building support to the WASH team, relevant local authorities, and community workers Salah Ad Din governorate and community groups, as required by the project, particularly with the Directorate of Water;
  • Provide technical support to WASH team members as needed.


  • Coordinates with other Tdh sectors to ensure implementation of standardised activities;
  • Works in close collaboration and consultation with available government structures, non-government actors, cluster system and community representatives.


  • Represents Tdh in foras and meetings held at community and location level;
  • Develops a network to facilitate the project acceptance and stake holder’s contribution and ownership under Field Cooridator guidance.


  • Provides compiled meeting minutes reports to the Field Coordinator;
  • Ensures a monthly data analysis reports are submitted;
  • Upon completion of the assignment, submits handover report;
  • Contributes to donor reporting upon request.


  • Comply with Tdh Security Regulations;
  • Reports any security/safety incident and/or risk to the Field Coordinator;
  • Informs WASH staff on security rules defined.

Child Safeguarding Policy:

  • Commit to respect the Child Safeguarding Policy. Signs the Code of Conduct;
  • Report serious cases of abuse on children identified by the team to the Field Cooridnator. Strict confidentiality must be respected.


  • Undertake all other duties that may be determined by the Field Coordinator or the Country representative and that are compatible with the job;
  • Maintain and ensure a culture of strict confidentiality – inter Tdh staff and between Tdh staff and non Tdh employees.


In particular:

  • Education degree in a relevant field such as hydrology, hydrolic, geology, civil engineering, environmental engineering
  • Project  management experience (management, planning, staff  development and  training skills) in development programmes
  • 2-5 years previous work experience in a relevant position
  • Proven capabilities in leadership and management required
  • Good skills in written and spoken English
  • Strong negotiation and interpersonal skills, and flexibility in cultural and organizational terms
  • Ability to work well and punctually under pressure

As well as the following specific “professional” competencies:

  • Leadership
  • Ability to be assertive, when necessary
  • Abiltiy to analyze (judgment, practicality) and to synthesize
  • Ability to adapt
  • Organization, discipline and compliance with deadlines
  • Outstanding ability to listen and negotiate
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Calm and composed
  • Ability to work und stress in general, and in emergency situations in particular

End of June 2016, Tdh launched an integrated emergency WaSH, Child Protection and NFI response, following several waves of IDPs resulting from military operations to free Shirgat districts, as well as the South Mossul Corridor. Tdh is currently operating in Tikrit, Baiji and Tooz districts. Tdh is also operating in Kirkuk governorate via Cash grant and Child protection assistance.

Professional experience required2-5 ans
Experience in NGOs required2-5 ans
Level of studyBachelor