South Tarawa Water Supply Project

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

, , KI

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment
The project management unit (PMU) will be the core unit responsible for the overall implementation of 
the South Tarawa Water Supply Project (STWSP) including the day-to-day project activities, compliance 
with the provisions of all grant agreements and government policies and guidelines, project 
administration, preparation of grant withdrawal applications, and maintenance of records. The 
implementing agency (IA) for STWSP is the Government of Kiribati's Ministry of Infrastructure and 
Sustainable Energy (MISE)

The PMU is expected to include the PMU Project Manager, Deputy Project Manager/Procurement Specialist, 
Project Accountant, Safeguards Manager and Social Development & Gender Specialist. The project director 
(Director MISE) and the PMU will supervise and provide counterpart support to the Project Implementation 
Assistance (PIA) Consultants (and for a limited period, to the Project Design Advance (PDA) consultant 
firm, whose activities are currently expected to continue into Q4 2020). 

The initial assignment advertised will be for 10 person-month inputs over approximately 12 months, with 
the possibility to extend subject to satisfactory performance. 

Scope of Work
To lead the PMU within MISE alongside the Public Utilities Board (PUB) to implement the STWSP.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output
(i) Ensure that the project activities follow the government, ADB, World Bank and GCF policies and 
(ii) Provide strategic advice to the Project Director.
(iii) Supervise the Deputy Project Manager for the project management activities.
(iv) Prepare monthly progress reports and submit to the Project Director.
(v) Prepare quarterly progress reports and submit to Project Director for review and submission to ADB 
and World Bank.
(vi) In coordination with the EA (Ministry of Finance and Economic Development), provide inputs to the 
Annual Performance Report (APR) for Green Climate Fund (GCF) in the agreed template, for onward 
submission to ADB (Note: ADB will submit the APR to GCF).
(vii) Monitor the PIA consultant (and PDA consultant firm where applicable) activities, and coordinate 
with the consultants for their daily activities for construction supervision, safeguards, M&E and 
(viii) Supervise and review the deliverables of consultants (excluding the PDA project manager) and 
check if they are suitable to the project objectives, the government’s policy and regulations and the 
beneficiaries’ needs. Advise the findings to the Project Director.
(ix) Assist in conducting the tender process for civil works, equipment, and consulting services (PIA, 
WASH program and PMU consultants including Deputy Project Manager, Accountant, Social Development and 
Gender Specialist and Safeguards Specialist) under the Project.
(x) Assist with any design changes during project implementation.
(xi) Carry out regular field inspections to ensure that engineering designs are adequately implemented.
(xii) Supervise contractors’ works including carrying out periodic performance audits to ensure quality 
control, health and safety, core labor and environmental standards are met.
(xiii) Review and approve the contractor’s installation methodology and work plans.
(xiv) Review and endorse progress claims of consultants and contractors.
(xv) If required, coordinate with the Safeguards Manager and staff of MELAD – both Lands and Environment 
Divisions in reviewing resettlement plans, environmental and social management plans (ESMPs), ensuring 
required licenses are secured on a timely basis and that all conditions of the environmental license are 
fully implemented, carrying out regular audits and monitoring of the preparation/update of these plans, 
and as required providing technical advice on ensuring compliance with safeguards assurances under the 
(xvi) Monitor and facilitate the preparation and submission of key safeguards reports (semi-annual 
report, safeguards instruments etc.).
(xvii) Facilitate and support arrangements for capacity building, vocational education and training 
through the project.
(xviii) Ensure staff from counterpart agencies, particularly from MISE and PUB, are closely involved in 
project activities, meetings and decision making.
(xix) Identify bottlenecks to smooth project implementation and coordinate between relevant parties as 
(xx) Provide support for review missions by project financiers.
(xxi) Facilitate implementation of the project’s communication and consultation plan.
(xxii) Ensure public disclosure of project information and public consultations as needed.
Minimum Qualification Requirements
The consultant will have a minimum degree in engineering or other related discipline. Experience and 
knowledge in implementing and administering ADB or World Bank funded projects, and experience in the 
Pacific, is essential.