Water Quality Improvement Coordinator

North Shore Land Alliance

Oyster Bay, NY, US

Project Description

Nitrogen pollution from sewage threatens our health, our economy, and our quality of life. In Suffolk County and along the North Shore of Nassau County, around 75% of homes rely on cesspools and septic tanks to dispose of wastewater. This allows pollution from wastewater, including nitrogen and other contaminants, to leak easily into ground and surface waters causing toxic algae blooms, fish kills, and unsafe conditions that keep us from enjoying our local seafood, beaches, and bays. The Water Quality Improvement Coordinator (WQIC) is a position designed to help restore and protect Long Island’s water by providing residents the support they need to connect to clean water solutions.

WQIC will assist homeowners in taking advantage of New York State and local grants, such as Suffolk County’s Septic Improvement Program (SIP)—to replace their septic systems and cesspools with clean water technology. The WQIC will focus in areas marked as high priorities for nutrient abatement along Long Island’s North Shore.

The WQIC will engage homeowners directly. He/she will lead their work coordinating with partners to: 1) identify areas that will benefit the most ecologically from modernizing on-site wastewater infrastructure; 2) prioritize areas based on community’s willingness to participate in grant programs (with preference given to low-income areas) and greatest environmental impact; 3) choose approaches to engage communities that best meet community needs for modernizing on-site wastewater infrastructure (for example, approaches may include workshops, lectures, mailers, email blasts, newsletters, and personal communications); and 4) measure success of implementation actions (which may include cost per pound of nitrogen removed estimates) and constantly re-evaluate to determine how best to replicate the engagement process and ensure the best outcomes for the communities’ served.

The North Shore Land Alliance offers full benefits, a competitive salary, and opportunity to work in close partnership with The Nature Conservancy—a global conservation leader—and in collaboration with regional experts, local and County governments, and business leaders in an emerging clean water industry. This is an 18-month contract position funded by a consortium of federal and state agencies, non-profits, business, and private donors.

Job Responsibilities

  • Community outreach and education regarding grant programs to modernize on-site wastewater infrastructure
  • Assist homeowners with grant application process
  • Assist homeowners in identifying and coordinating with qualified professionals to install nitrogen removing septic systems on their properties
  • Work with counties and local jurisdictions to expedite permitting approval process for installing nitrogen removing septic systems
  • Work to remove barriers for homeowners who desire to modernize on-site wastewater systems
  • Identify ways to coordinate state, county, and local grant programs. e.g. Organize bulk nitrogen removing septic system upgrades and cluster systems
  • Identify value creation opportunities or efficiencies that can be made in the nitrogen removing septic system marketplace

Job Qualifications

  • 2 to 3 years of experience working in construction management as a general contractor, environmental services, administering grants to homeowners for environmental improvements or related work experience
  • Willingness and ability to work on nights and weekends
  • Strong personal planning and time management skills
  • Ability to work with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds
  • A valid drivers’ license, use of personal car for work, and automobile insurance are mandatory conditions of employment in this role
  • Willingness and ability to travel throughout Long Island, New York
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Equivalent professional experience or a degree in urban planning, environmental policy, management, sciences, urban planning
  • Professional experience in the field of environmental services preferred