Team Leader for Advisory Team

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Tbilisi, , GE

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment
UWSCG aims to increase operational efficiency and productivity to improve service delivery and financial 
sustainability. Towards this end, UWSCG will be empowered to be more autonomous, accountable, efficient, 
and sustainable. 
A team of experts will advise, develop, prepare and assist implementation of corporate reforms and 
restructuring framework for 2020–2030, including assessment of various private sector participation and 
public-private partnership (PPP) options for UWSCG. The team will work in close collaboration with 
UWSCG. The assistance will be brought in scope of Lump sum contract. Flexibility and high field presence 
(>90% of inputs) will be required from the advisory team. The advisory team will be composed of 
following experts (8):
(i)	Team Leader
(ii)	Financial Expert
(iii)	Modelling & Programming (Analyst) Expert
(iv)	Economist
(v)	Water Supply Engineer
(vi)	Wastewater Engineer
(vii)	Lawyer – Expert on Regulation
(viii)	Lawyer – Expert on FIDIC
In order to achieve this goal, the team should: 
•	Review and assess the current corporate system and identify issues during the first 1 month the team 
is composed;
•	Prepare proposals and agree with UWSCG to address the issues, during the following 3 months;
•	Support on the implementation of the Proposal during the last 4 months of the engagement.

3.	Expected outputs of the service provided by the advisory team will include but not limited to:
•	Improved data collection, processes, management and increased transparency for performance monitoring. 
Improved management effectiveness by establishing internal and external performance management and 
incentive system.

•	Strengthening of accounting and financial management.
•	Improved corporate governance through supervisory board, amended/new company charter, essential 
committees for change management, etc. 
•	Planned and implemented corporate restructuring (streamlined regional offices/service centres) and 
realignment of key business units, with possibility of introducing private sector involvement. Including 
reorganization of regional set up and branches. (assess, identify gaps and develop roadmap and plans for 
the organization, management, system, processes, and capacity at UWSCG headquarters and service centres).
•	Improved human resources management and rationalize workforce for improved productivity and/or reduced 
redundant staff, updated job description, performance management, recruitment, retention and capacity 
development of staff as well as salary and compensation review.
•	Developed and rolled out strategies, policies and programs to reduce costs and enhance revenue to 
improve financial viability of UWSCG and its credit worthiness, including 
o	progressive cost recovery plan (5-year tariff rationalization plan)
o	extending connections or service areas;
o	building customer awareness/behavioral change on water usage and hygiene and implementing public 
communication strategy;
o	strengthening billing and customer services;
o	100% metering at production and metering program/guidelines for households
o	Improving energy efficiency
o	reduced nonrevenue water (NRW) through reducing illegal connections, leakage, and other improvements
•	Developed and implemented asset management system and capital expenditure programs.
•	Developed and implemented standard operating procedures and key performance indicators (KPIs) across 
service centres.
•	Streamlined business processes
•	Improved IT solutions for utility management (main control centre, hydraulic modelling, SCADA, 
Enterprise resource planning (ERP), smart asset management systems, etc.).
•	Developed and implemented a legal and regulatory compliance framework

Scope of Work
The Team Leader will report to the Director of UWSCG and will be responsible for:
•	Coordinating, managing and leading the team of experts. Depending on UWSCG need, the Team Leader will 
allocate and coordinate inputs and tasks of team member (including himself).
•	Reviewing and ensuring quality of advisory team outputs on a timely basis.
•	Supporting the management of UWSCG in day-to-day management tasks, decision making and reporting, 
encompassing areas outlined in para. 3, especially in key areas in governance and organization, O&M 
network management, asset management, PPP development, business planning, streamline business processes, 
among others. 
•	Attending, as per request, UWSCG meetings, and participating in development of Vision and Policy 
Statement under the policy matrix of sector development program (SDP) supported by ADB.
•	Planning and providing training and capacity building related to all possible weakness revealed during 
the monitoring of the functioning of UWSCG.

Assignment is foreseen for a duration of 8 months. 
Engagement is Lump-sum and expected charges for the travel cost and other charges (if required) is 
supposed to be incurred by the Consultant, from monthly remuneration. However it is considered that 
maximum number of the trips per month will be one and total number of the trips during 8 months will not 
exceed 6 trips.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output
Key Deliverables
5.	In addition to monthly progress and results report, there are key outputs expected to be achieved by 
advisory team and reported to UWSCG by Team Leader: 
Phase 1 (August 2020 – September 2020): 2 months
Vision, Mission and Strategy Outline for UWSCG 
Revenue Increase Program  
Preliminary Water Balance for major cities with a population over 20,000  
Asset Strategy (and outline of an Asset Management Plan)
•	Asset Portfolio, based on the asset inventory and envisaged performance targets Identification of 
risks and development of risk management strategies
•	Asset Performance Measures
Investment Plan
•	3-years Investment Plan   
•	Long-Term Investment Plan (based on the Asset Strategy) 
Phase 2 (October 2020 - December 2020), 3 months
3–Years Business Plan including
•	Financial Management Plan
•	Technical Management and Operational Plan
•	Asset Management Plan
•	Customer Service (Commercial) Plan
Performance Based Agreements between UWSCG HQs and Regional Offices
NRW – Reduction Program 
•	Commercial Loss Reduction Program
Water Safety Plans for major cities with a population over 20,000
PSP/PPP Roadmap
•	Objectives of PSP/PPP application
•	Review of data
•	Review of legal and institutional frameworks
•	Review of PSP/PPP options
•	Market analysis
•	Financial analysis and viability, transaction costs
•	Risk analysis
•	Contractual framework
•	Definition of PSP/PPP selection criteria
•	Outline of project schedule and tender procedures
Phase 3 (January 2021 – March 2021): 3 months
Establishment of a Data Room (with focus on the PSP/PPP application) 

Minimum Qualification Requirements
•	Master’s Degree in Business Administration / Civil Engineering / Economy or other relevant discipline. 
•	15 years of general working experience including a minimum 5 years’ experience in O&M for water and/or 
sanitation services preferably in management position. 
•	Experience in corporate restructuring, strategy, policy development and planning, and/or PPP will be 
an advantage. 
•	Regional and/or working experience in developing countries.
•	Fluent verbal and written skills in English language, preferably with knowledge of Russian and/or 
Georgian languages.
•	Experience of working with International Donor Organizations.