Marine Natural Capital Evidence Specialist

Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC)

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Want to make an impact on marine sustainability? Then JNCC is the employer for you.

What is JNCC?

We’re the environment’s best kept secret. Established in 1990, we’re the UK’s statutory adviser on issues affecting the natural environment across the UK and internationally. Our primary role is advising all four Governments of the UK. With most of our work being within Government, our public profile is low but our impact is high.  Our special combination of scientific and analytical excellence with deep knowledge of how to facilitate joint working across jurisdictions allows us to deliver a much-valued service to the UK and other governments.

What’s the role?

JNCC has been at the heart of UK marine conservation science, management and policy advice for decades, and we are proud of the UK’s record of marine protection, management and planning, which is globally recognised.  

As marine natural capital evidence specialist, you will use your skills and knowledge to create demonstrations and feasibility studies revealing the wider values to society of our marine ecosystems.  You will use existing and new evidence to  support policy-makers, regulators, businesses and communities to review and refresh their practice.  The understanding facilitated by this work will help to break down some of the unnecessarily polarised positions amongst competing marine uses.

The role will work closely with a specialist adviser who will set up and nurture strategic collaborations with our partners and customers.  Together, you will identify and design products and outputs to support our mission, and the evidence and interpretation generated by the evidence specialist will support the more obviously outward-facing work of the other adviser.  There will be scope for the evidence specialist to work directly with customers and partners where technical input is needed.

One of the advantages of working for JNCC is the opportunity to collaborate with different specialisms, including for this role economics, ecology, site and wider protection, monitoring, marine industries, modelling and policy.

Who are we looking for?

Someone with good understanding of marine data, the skills to combine and interpret datasets, and the ability to produce clear, informative and usable tools and communication products, including maps.  Positive and enthusiastic about the evidence, you’ll be happy to share it, willing to spend time adapting our presentation so that it can be understood by different users, and comfortable and open about uncertainty and levels of confidence in our data.  Full details of the role are included in the job description.


We’re small enough (c. 200 staff) that you’ll know everyone by name, but big enough that we have all the skills, resources and people you’ll need to get the job done. We are flexible and welcoming, and we focus on supporting advisers with the freedom and tools they need to get their jobs done. You will benefit from our inclusive and lively workplace culture, excellent holiday and pension benefits, as well as an exciting job in a unique environment.

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