Philippines nationals: Water and Sanitation PPP Project Specialist

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

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Objective and Purpose of the Assignment
The Philippine Government continues to ramp up its infrastructure program. A key financing and 
implementation delivery mechanism for this infrastructure agenda is public-private partnership (PPP). 
The PPP Center of the Philippines, as the main driver of the implementation of the country’s PPP program 
and projects, is managing and facilitating an increasing number of PPP projects (167 awarded PPP 
projects and 56 national and local PPP projects in the pipeline as of 30 April 2020). 

With the increased focus of the Philippine government to develop infrastructure and development projects 
across the country, especially at the local government level, the PPP Center launched its Local PPP 
Strategy that aims to provide intensified technical assistance in the development and implementation of 
local PPPs. One of the priority sectors of the Local PPP Strategy is water and sanitation given the 
existing obstacles to achieving universal and sustainable access to this basic need.

The PPP Center is currently assisting various water districts and local government units in the 
development of their water and sanitation PPP projects. To help the PPP Center respond to the increasing 
number of PPP projects in the water and sanitation sectors, and perform its mandates in building a 
robust project pipeline, advocating for and formulating an efficient and responsive policy framework, 
and capacitating government agencies in PPP concepts and projects, the PPP Center will hire a Water and 
Sanitation PPP Project Specialist who can provide assistance and capacity in the PPP Center’s 
performance of its mandates. 

Scope of Work
.  The consultant will be tasked to assist the PPP Center and Implementing Agencies (IAs), which include 
national government agencies; government-owned and/or -controlled corporations; government financial 
institutions; state universities and colleges; economic and tourism enterprise zones and special zones 
created under special laws; and local government units (such as provinces, cities, and municipalities), 
among others, in all aspects of the water and sanitation PPP project life cycle – development, approval, 
procurement, and implementation of solicited PPP projects, and evaluation, negotiation, approval, 
conduct of Swiss or competitive challenge, and implementation of unsolicited PPP projects. Specifically, 
the assistance will involve the following: (1) conduct of water and sanitation sector analysis; (2) 
technical analysis of water and sanitation PPP prrojects; (3) development and review of water and 
sanitation guidelines, regulations, and policies; and (4) conduct of capacity building activities on 
water and sanitation components, regulations, and best practices.

As the PPP Center has recently launched its Business Case Initiative, whereby the in-house teams or 
officials of the PPP Center and IAs jointly conduct business cases or pre-feasibility studies for the 
development of PPP projects, the consultant will also assist the PPP Center and IAs in the preparation 
of concept notes and conduct of these business cases and pre-feasibility studies for water and 
sanitation PPP projects. 

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output
The consultant will perform the following tasks:

1.	Conduct a water and sanitation sector analysis that includes water supply and distribution systems, 
septage management, and sewerage treatment plant with emphasis on detailed review of the different 
options for structuring water and sanitation projects, including, but not limited to contractual 
arrangements under Republic Act (RA) No. 7718 (the Build-Operate-Transfer Law), joint ventures, lease 
(affermage), concession, and service contracts, drawing from actual experience of water districts and 
local government units (LGUs) in the Philippines and international best practices, and comparing such 
options with procurement under RA No. 9184 (Government Procurement Reform Act);

2.	Discuss the different structuring options of water PPP projects to water districts, LGUs, Local Water 
Utilities Administration (LWUA), National Water Resources Board (NWRB), Metropolitan Waterworks and 
Sewerage System (MWSS), Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), Philippine Association 
of Water Districts (PAWD), Department of Environment and Natural Resources – Biodiversity Management 
Bureau (DENR-BMB) in cases where water projects are located in protected areas, and private water 
companies, among others;

3.	Develop a Local Water and Sanitation PPP Guide for LGUs and Water Districts, and conduct necessary 
capacity building activities in implementing the same;

4.	Provide assistance in the identification, review, and evaluation of water and sanitation PPP 
projects, including urban development, possibly involving moderate to high levels of risk and complexity 
as well as the recommendation of appropriate sector plans;

5.	Ensure that key technical, economic, financial, institutional, and crosscutting issues, and measures 
that address impact of climate change, natural and man-made disasters, health crisis, security concerns, 
and other emergency situations are incorporated in water and sanitation PPP projects;

6.	Assist the PPP Center and IAs in the conduct of business cases and pre-feasibility studies; 

7.	Assist in the preparation, development, and review of project concept notes, inception reports, 
business cases, feasibility studies, tender documents, contracts, bid proposals, and other relevant 
project documents, including formulation of key performance indicators (KPIs) and Minimum Performance 
Standards and Specifications (MPSS), among others;

8.	Provide technical advice in all aspects of the PPP project life cycle – development, approval, 
procurement, and implementation of solicited PPP projects, and evaluation, negotiation, approval, 
conduct of Swiss or competitive challenge, and implementation of unsolicited PPP projects;

9.	Provide advice in the regulatory framework of the water and sanitation sector including securing 
permits, tariff setting, etc.;

10.	Review and provide technical inputs on awarded water and sanitation PPP projects being monitored by 
the PPP Center; 

11.	Develop templates, guidelines, and case studies in developing, evaluating, and implementing water 
and sanitation PPP projects, taking into consideration the technical, financial, legal, and regulatory 
aspects affecting such projects, as well as capturing lessons learned and best practices;

12.	Review and provide comments on laws, regulations, policies, working papers, sectoral guidelines, and 
knowledge products being prepared and/or reviewed by the PPP Center;

13.	Conduct knowledge sharing sessions on water and sanitation concepts;

14.	Provide capacity-building to the PPP Center and IAs; and

15.	Carry out other assignments that the PPP Center will assign from time to time.  

Reporting and Administrative Requirements.  The consultant will be located at the PPP Center's office. 
The consultant is expected to have his/her own laptop, including the necessary computer hardware and 
software, to perform the tasks assigned by the PPP Center. The consultant will report to the Executive 
Director and/or Deputy Executive Director/s of the PPP Center (or other person specifically designated 
by the same) and ADB's Project Officer. The consultant will also submit a monthly report of his/her 
activities to the PPP Center to be attached to his/her timesheet. The number of person-months of the 
consultant may be extended or reduced from time to time based on satisfactory performance and/or other 
factors as determined by the PPP Center. There will be a probation period of the first 2 months of the 
consultant’s contract. At the completion of the probation period, the consultant’s performance will be 
assessed by the PPP Center. Should the consultant’s performance be found less than satisfactory as a 
result of this assessment, the contract will be terminated upon recommendation of the PPP Center to ADB 
at no cost or liability to ADB. The consultant shall execute a non-disclosure agreement with the PPP 
Center on all materials/information discussed/obtained during the course of the engagement and shall 
adhere to the Data Privacy Act and the PPP Center’s Data Privacy Policy.
Minimum Qualification Requirements
Qualifications.  The consultant must have a university degree in civil or agricultural engineering, 
hydrology, or related fields, preferably at a post-graduate level. He/she must have at least 8 years of 
demonstrated experience in: (i) technical aspects of water and sanitation PPPs, including joint 
ventures; (ii) technical design and structure of water projects and/or regulatory analysis; and (iii) 
developing and implementing water resource projects, including bulk water supply and distribution 
systems, septage management, and sewerage treatment plants, among others. He/she must be knowledgeable 
in the regulatory framework of the water sector in the Philippines and environmental standards 
applicable to water supply projects.