Postdoctoral researcher: Quantifying Wetland to Watershed Connectivity via AGU

National Academy of Sciences

Cincinnati, OH, US

A National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council (NRC) postdoctoral research opportunity is currently open to investigate, quantify, and model the watershed-scale connectivity and emergent effects of wetlands to other waters. This postdoctoral opportunity is located at the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Research and Development in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The opportunity requires the development of a short research proposal (Proposal Guidelines: and a complete application package due on February 1, 2017.

Research questions to be developed in part with the Principal Investigators from the US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development may focus on:

(1) Variations in wetland hydrological or biogeochemical functions (e.g., flow generation, nutrient cycling) in response to current and forecasted climate gradients and across different physiographic regions of the US, and/or

(2) Cumulative wetland effects on watershed hydrological nutrient dynamics in diverse ecoregional/landscape settings and/or land use types.

The research approach should include watershed modeling and/or meta-analysis to produce high-impact peer-reviewed publications that evaluate and synthesize wetland functional behaviors across North America.

Desired expertise includes knowledge and skills across the following four areas of expertise: (1) watershed and wetland hydrology and biogeochemistry, (2) basic numerical or statistical methods for surface and/or groundwater modeling, (3) GIS/remote sensing software and applications, and (4) scripting (e.g., Python, R) or coding (e.g., C++, Java, FORTRAN) languages.

The successful applicant will be joining a highly collaborative team of research scientists from federal agencies, universities, and other academic institutions across North America. Our research builds on projects across EPA’s Office of Research and Development and those associated with the USGS John Wesley Powell Center for Analysis and Synthesis “North American Synthesis on the Connectivity of Geographically Isolated Wetlands to Downstream Waters” Working Group (

The candidate will work with Principal Investigators Dr. Heather Golden ([email protected]) and Dr. Charles Lane ([email protected]) with the US EPA, Office of Research and Development, National Exposure Research Laboratory, Systems Exposure Division in Cincinnati, Ohio, and should consult them with questions regarding proposal ideas well in advance of the completed package deadline of February 01, 2017.

Additional information on this postdoctoral opportunity can be found at:

Application materials and instructions can be found at:

The position is full-time for two years, with the opportunity for a third year, and is open to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and non-U.S. citizens. The position is open to researchers who have received their Ph.D. in the appropriate fields within five years from the closing date of this postdoctoral opportunity.