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Request for Proposal for the Evaluation of ECHO-DACAAR

WASH Emergency Response Mechanism

Date: July 19, 2020

DACAAR RFP 04 PRF-545/ECHO/1804-ERM8/EEA6.1.5/EEA6.1.4/MEU/07.2020

DACAAR invites interested freelance consultants, consultancy firms and NGOs to submit their sealed proposals via email or in hard copy for the Evaluation of ECHO-DACAAR WASH Emergency Response Mechanism; details are given below;

The deadline for offer/proposal submission is: August 02, 2020 before 04:00 pm local time.

The Bid Opening Session will be held on August 04, 2020 at 11:00 AM in DACAAR Main Office, Kabul Afghanistan and the bid winner will be notified after due process.

Country: Afghanistan

Consultancy timeframe: Late August- End September 2020

1. Background

DACAAR is a Danish non-political, non-governmental, non-profit humanitarian and developmental organization working to improve the lives of the Afghan people since 1984. DACAAR addresses the acute needs of the most vulnerable and supports early recovery and sustainable development for all Afghans. DACAAR projects can be categorized under the following four broad thematic areas; a) Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), b) Natural Resources Management (NRM), c) Small Scale Enterprise Development (SSED), d) Women’s Empowerment (WE). In addition, DACAAR is an implementing partner in the Citizen’s Charter Afghanistan Project (CCAP).

DACAAR has been implementing emergency WASH interventions in Afghanistan with funding from European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid Department (ECHO) under the Emergency Response Mechanism (ERM). The ERM was established in 2011, as a response to emergencies triggered by on-going conflict or sudden-onset natural disasters. The ERM programme ensures that a network of aid organizations with operations across Afghanistan, have sufficient resources (staff, cash reserves and stockpiles) to urgently and directly respond to localized crises in a coordinated, timely and principled manner.

As part of this action, DACAAR delivers emergency water supply, sanitation and hygiene services to populations affected by conflicts and natural disasters in 28 of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan. Assessment and response are coordinated closely with ERM Partners and other key stakeholders including the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation (MoRR), Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA), INGOs, Local NGOs and UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) among others.

DACAAR and DG ECHO have agreed to undertake an independent evaluation of the DACAAR WASH Emergency Response Mechanism in order to assess the strategic fit, relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and impact of the action in order to inform future programming.

2. Objectives of the Evaluation:

i. To evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency, relevance and impact of the ERM WASH rational in meeting its key objective(s)/purpose both as a standalone action, and within the overall ERM mandate, recommending areas for improvement/adjustments and or further strengthening-highlighting lessons learnt and best practices. The evaluation should further assess the past and current applied WASH rationales and BoQ for WASH services provided under the ERM by DACAAR, review whether the services are in line with the WASH Cluster strategy and standards and whether adjustments are required with a focus on achieving Result 2 of the ongoing action “Targeted households affected by conflict and natural disasters receive timely humanitarian assistance to cover their immediate water, sanitation and hygiene needs to ensure a minimum of safety and dignity to their living conditions”.

ii. To evaluate the past and current WASH ERM ECHO contractual arrangements, (DACAAR led) delivery modus operandi and overall systemic capacity (including of other ECHO partners) in Afghanistan and make recommendations to strengthen these.

iii. To review the potential of increasing the capacity and diversifying the WASH actor landscape by strengthening partnership under DACAAR’s ECHO-funded action through a junior partner / national implementing partner.

iv. To evaluate the linkage between ERM WASH-Development (longer term) nexus and propose ways/model to better improve/strengthen the linkage especially in light of increasingly protracted displacement in (peri)urban settings, efforts by the humanitarian and development communities to ensure continuity of assistance and to maximize ECHO’s investment.

v. To evaluate the WASH cluster coordination mechanism supported through ERM WASH, and the alignment between ERM WASH and WASH Cluster packages/standards/SOP/etc.

3. Scope of work

The scope of the consultancy assignment shall include but not limited to the following;

i. Undertake desk review of the ERM common rationale, the ERM WASH rationale, ERM WASH proposals, reports, assessments etc.

ii. Undertake desk review of WASH cluster coordination mechanisms-Cluster Coordination and Performance Monitoring (CCPM), meeting minutes, field visits report, cluster updates/reports etc.

iii. Key Informant interviews (beneficiaries, ECHO, ERM partners, Line ministries, WASH actors, WASH donors, etc.)

iv. Field visits to selected locations-security and COVID19 restrictions/lockdown permitting to evaluate quality/quantity of ERM WASH response in line with approved log frame/proposal/technical standards agreed with DG ECHO and complementarities with the ERM multi-purpose cash assistance.

v. To analyses the ERM WASH performance against set indicators and targets focusing on ERM WASH outcomes on the one hand and the overall ERM objective and mandate on the other hand.

vi. Evaluate ERM WASH response package and how to extend the useful life of ERM WASH infrastructure-Linkage/transition with or to durable solutions (ERM-Development nexus) to ensure a sustainable continuity of WASH services.

vii. Evaluate WASH cluster coordination mechanism-at national and regional level- in relation to the ERM purpose. Recommending how well cluster can strengthen/improve linkages between cluster, authorities and partners-to better have a unified strategic direction (in terms of anticipatory, shock response and nexus capacity).

viii. Identify the strengths and challenges and assess the overall effects (outcomes) and impacts of the intervention (intended and unintended, short-term and long-term) of ERM WASH including ERM support on WASH cluster coordination.

ix. The technical review of ERM WASH outputs, this will include a discussion around impact, relevance[1], effectiveness[2] and efficiency[3] of the ERM.

Documents for Review by consultant:

Ø Project documents-Proposals, various reports, assessments, cluster documents (ToRs, CCPM, meeting minutes, cluster updates/reports, 3/4Ws, dashboards etc)

Ø Afghanistan Inter-Cluster Coordination (ICCT) Peer to Peer review report-May 2019.

Ø Afghanistan National guidelines WASH in Emergency.

Ø DACAAR anti-corruption and fraud policy, PSEA policy, accountability to affected populations policy, safety and security procedures and SoPs, DACAAR COVID 19 procedures, etc.

Ø ERM Common Rationale

Ø Post Distribution Monitoring analysis reports

4. Expected deliverables and outputs

The outputs of the consultancy assignment shall include the following;

  1. An inception report detailing methodology and approach for the evaluation, initial findings based on the desk review and any improvements to/deviations from the ToR based on the consultant’s understanding of the assignment.

  2. Debriefing to DACAAR and ECHO Delegation on the evaluation findings presented through virtual online platform or (COVID19 measures permitting) convene a meeting hosted by DACAAR.

  3. Taking into account inputs/clarifications following the debriefing-submit draft copy of Evaluation Report detailing findings, discussions and recommendations including technical recommendations for ERM WASH response as well as support to cluster coordination to DACAAR/ECHO.

  4. Submit final Evaluation report, taking into account comments/inputs from draft submission.

5. Suggested Number of days and tasks

The consultant shall propose a suitable duration for the satisfactorily completion of the assignment. The Consultant shall submit a detailed schedule of the tasks including their expected duration and outputs. Desk reviews, inception report, field visits, meetings with key personnel, debriefing presentation, and drafting and final report submissions should be completed within the consultancy period.

6. Lines of Communication

The consultant will report to the Head of Fundraising and Communications in Kabul and maintain close collaboration with DACAAR ERM Adviser and Emergency Project Manager, Country Director/Deputy Country Director, as well as WASH Cluster Co-Coordinator and Cluster Coordinator.

7. General Conditions of the consultancy

· The consultant shall adhere fully to DACAAR PSEA and HR policies as well as COVID 19 guidelines.

· DACAAR will provide local transport and air travel to facilitate the evaluation activities (including to the field).

· The consultant(s) should have their own computer/laptop to complete the work.

· Flight/travel to and from the country of residence and visa costs shall be paid by DACAAR based on receipt as agreed between the parties.

· Accommodation will be provided by DACAAR in Kabul as well as in the field in compliance with DACAAR’s policy and in line with the agreement, while the consultant(s) will cover fully his/her food subsistence related costs.

· The consultant shall be paid via check or bank transfer. Payment schedule will be negotiated during contracting phase. Taxes will be levied on the payments to the consultant as per the Afghanistan Laws.

8. Security:

The Country Director as the person responsible for security will make the final decision on travel plans of the Consultant based on security assessments. The Consultant must accept the Country Director’s decision and must adhere to all DACAAR security protocols while in the country.

9. Skills and competencies required

The consultant (including his/her team if need be) must have the following expertise with credentials (proof will be required) from recognised and reputable institutions on:

i. Public policy, program management, monitoring and evaluation.

ii. Advanced degree in a relevant field

iii. Extensive, proven, evaluation experience at an international level. The consultant should have ability to present credible findings derived from evidence and putting conclusions and recommendations supported by the findings.

iv. At least 20 years of specialized knowledge of projects or programmes in the field of water, sanitation, hygiene and community engagement. Relevant experience of other major humanitarian and development programmes, in particular in relation to similar programmes is an asset.

v. Previous experience of similar assignments in Afghanistan will be an added advantage.

vi. Excellent technical and analytical skills, reporting and presentation skills

vii. Excellent knowledge of and experience with humanitarian guidelines, principles and standards.

viii. Fluency in English is required and local language(s) spoken in the working area (Pashto and Dari) is an advantage.

10. Application procedures

All expressions of interest should include:

  • Cover letter: A short (maximum one page) letter addressing the evaluation criteria/methodology.

  • Technical Proposal (maximum 2 pages) highlighting: brief explanation about previous experience in conducting WASH evaluation including technical evaluation of the WASH outputs; understanding of the TOR and the task to be accomplished as well as develop work plan for the evaluation.

  • Detailed CV(s) annexed to the evaluation technical proposal.

  • Financial Proposal: The financial proposal should provide cost estimates for services rendered including daily consultancy fees-where applicable.

  • List of similar assignments completed in the past. Examples of similar work conducted shall be requested at a later stage.


All costs associated with accommodation, food, local transportation and other logistical costs will be covered fully by DACAAR in line with the organization’s policies. The budget should include consultancy fees, air travel expenses to the country (economy class) if applicable, insurance and other necessary costs. Taxes will be levied on the contract in line with the tax Laws of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.


The proposal must contain: a) a motivation letter, b) a technical proposal detailing approach and methodology the consultant intend to use for the review and capacity building, c) a budget, d) CV of the consultant.

References for previous similar work completed and sample report from a review recently carried out by the consultant will be requested at a later stage.


2% Tax will be levied on the companies that has valid business license and 7% Tax will be levied on the companies that have invalid business license, on individuals who do not have business license and on the consultancy/firm from aboard, will be deducted from the contractor as a withholding tax and DACAAR will pay that amount to Ministry of Finance of Afghanistan. Taxable amount starts from (1 AFN).


For questions and clarifications, please contact Irshad Alamyar, Head of Fundraising and Communications Department at [email protected] Applications sent directly to this address will not be entertained.

[1]Relevance: The extent to which the objectives and results of the mechanism are consistent with right-holders’ requirements and/or needs and country level policies or other relevant policies and standards.

[2]Effectiveness: The extent to which the objectives of the ERM have been achieved.

[3]Efficiency: How well the ERM has transformed the available resources into the intended results, in terms of quantity, quality and time.

How to apply

Submission Procedures:

Consultancy/Firm from abroad, can submit soft copy of their bids/proposals electronically on the following email addresses; [email protected] or [email protected]

Consultancy/Firm inside Afghanistan, are required to submit the sealed (hard copy) of their bids/proposals to DACAAR Main Office located at Lane No 03, Rd No 12, Qala-e-Fathullah, Kabul, Afghanistan.

The deadline for offer/proposal submission is August 02, 2020 before 04:00 pm local time.

Please note that the subject line of your emails must be (DACAAR RFP 04 PRF-545/ECHO/1804-ERM8/ EEA6.1.5/EEA6.1.4/MEU/07.2020).

For more details, please visit DACAAR Logistics Unit Main Office Kabul, Sunday through Thursday, from 8:00am to 03:00pm. Or contact on below Email Address [email protected] or [email protected]

Sincerely Yours,

Manager – Logistics

Date: July 19, 2020