Nepal nationals: Crowd-Based Applications Expert for the Bagmati River Basin

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment
The objective of this assignment is to support the development and implementation of the mobile 
application (mApp) and the demonstration of its use in the upper stretch of the Bagmati River Basin for 
developing potential future crowd-based control of solid waste and other pollution incidents. The use of 
crowd-based mobile application for pollution control will be assessed and reported upon and detailed 
manuals will be developed in coordination with the Civil Society Platform (CSP). The mApp will allow 
better participation of the community stakeholders in sustainable river management and support of basin 
management, particularly illegal solid waste pollution. The national expert shall particularly ensure 
that the mApp is adapted to the specific understanding and wishes of community members and develop a 
graphical user interface (GUI), well-adapted to the understanding and cultural preferences of the 
community members. The mApp will empower the community which was made aware of the issues and has taken 
up a pro-active role as stewards of the river basin but misses the tools and mechanisms to do so. It 
will also be ensured that the application is conform the wishes of the High Powered Committee for the 
Integrated Development of the Bagmati Civilization and other relevant local authorities.

Scope of Work
The national consultant will be responsible for adaptation of the mApp to the local demands and ensure 
communication between the stakeholders and with supporting mobile phone networks. 

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output
Specifically, the national consultants will be responsible for:
(i)	organizing the community interaction and regular feedback from all partners to the expectations of 
the mApp;
(ii)	assisting developers in customizing the graphic user interface in local language and with locally 
intuitive imagery;
(iii)	interacting with the various stakeholders on technical levels as well as in agreeing the final 
layout and detailed functionality of the application;
(iv)	motivating the users for the mApp through showing its use and ensuring the anonymity of the 
application thereby protecting the often less powerful; 
(v)	preparing an operational plan for testing of the mApp in fall 2019 and rolling out the use in 2010;
(vi)	ensuring the training is comprehensible and continuing the training in the absence of the 
international specialist;
(vii)	support the long-term management and financing planning of the app and its implementation and 
rolling out;
(viii)	troubleshooting for the functioning of the app and management issues as they may arise;
(ix)	support and follow up the lobbying for financial maintenance of the systems through corporate 
social responsibility or other financing sources. 

Together with the international consultant, the national consultant will produce a manual report on use 
of the mApp. 

The national consultants will work under the supervision of ADB staff and in close collaboration with 
the TA coordinator and other experts from the Ministry of Urban Development of Nepal. The consultant 
will also help framing the model for rolling out the mApp to different parts of the Bagmati basin, 
preferably in coordination with a mobile phone operator. 

Minimum Qualification Requirements
The consultants should have good understanding of the Nepal telecommunications and governmental 
structures. He/she should have at least 5-year experience in water management, natural resources 
management or solid waste management and IT applications and crowdsourcing. Fluency in Nepali and 
English is a must Familiarity with ADB project implementation and management procedures will be 
considered a plus.




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